Joe Biden reveals his deepest ‘disappointment’ to Colbert in Lindsay Graham

Five years ago, Joe Biden featured Stephen Colbert as a guest on the first week of his new late Show-Injustice a few months after the death of his son, Beau – and withholding his soul to the host about his aggressive decision to undergo a race for that cycle.

Now that he is officially president-elect, Biden returns Late show Thursday night with his wife Jill Biden, for their first joint interview after the election. Or rather, Colbert came to them, traveling to Wilmington, Delaware, to be properly distracted in a one-man interview with the first couple to arrive.

A after opening with Colbert’s Report-Style throw back “Better no a Delaware” segment, the host begins his interview with a layoff with the presidential election: “What in the world is President Biden going to do?”

Facing a “nation divided and a world in disarray”, Biden said his plan was to “unite” America’s back in terms of diplomacy and contrast this country with “dirty and vicious and personal and mean” politics. Does. Of Trump’s era.

Asked if he takes it “personally”, so many Republicans have yet to accept his electoral victory, Biden said he understands they are in a “difficult place”. Speaking specifically about Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), he said, “Lindsey was a personal disappointment, because I was a personal friend of hers,” before urging that she put Republican lawmakers to work Will be ready, once Trump finally leaves office next month. .

Biden extended an olive branch, similar to President Trump’s, stating that “the vaccination he has given has been positive.” But, he then added sharply, “By and large, he has been a president who has decided that the way he succeeds divides us.”

In other areas, such as the COVID-19 crisis, Colbert pushed his guest to explain how he plans to achieve his stated goal of 100 million vaccinations in the first 100 days of the US elections. What does he plan to do to hold Russia accountable. .

When Jill Biden appeared in the next segment, Colbert exposed the bizarre controversies surrounding her doctorate, causing her to jump Wall Street Journal Op-ed page in Fox News’ primetime lineup this week.

“He was such a surprise!” She said, explaining that it was “really the tone of it” that surprised her. “One of the things I am most proud of is my doctorate. I mean, I worked very hard for this. “When Colbert suggested that she take it as a compliment, everyone could criticize her for being a” Dr. ” Before her name, she laughed and said, “Okay, I’ll take it this way.”

Later, the host also inquired about the president-elect how he handles attacks on his son, Hunter Biden, who has barely slowed since the campaign ended and inevitably once became president “Kudel” will remain against them.

“We have great faith in our son,” Joe Biden said. “I am not worried about any allegations made against him.” He named the attacks as “playing foul”, but added, “This is what it is. And he is a big man. He is the smartest person I know in terms of pure intellectual ability. And as long as he Good, we’re good. “

“As a father, I understand that and I admire it,” Colbert said. “But I mean in terms of your job as president, can you reach out to those people who are using this kind of attack, when it’s such a personal attack, because this family Is about? “

Biden said that “if it benefits the country,” all he will need to do is add, “I really mean it.”

When Colbert said, “You’re a better man than I am, I’m not sure I can do that,” Biden said, “Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean I’m not angry, no I don’t mean Was that I was angry and that did not mean that if I came back during high school days I would not say that I would come here and take a detour. “

Jill Biden said, “But you have to hold on high.

“American people, I think they can smell loneliness, smell what is true and what is not true,” said Joe Biden, optimistic. He clarified that he actually feels “badly” for Republicans who are attacking him as his son for showing jealousy to Trump.

As Jill Biden asserted, “We thought people were our friends.”


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