Joe Biden returns to childhood home in Scranton: ‘From this house to the White House’. News of america

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden came to his home town of Scranton in Pennsylvania’s crucial swing state on election day, talking of “restoring decency in the White House” if he won.

He pledged to unite a rude country and rebuild a middle class due to economic inequality.

Although most people will likely see the results of the White House race, more than 7,000 elections are taking place across the US on 3 November.

In the era of devolution, it is more important than ever that media outlets report election results clearly and transparently.

Parents will analyze data collected by the Associated Press (AP) when we call the election results for the Presidency, Senate, House race, and others. AP has a team of thousands of experts and correspondents across the US who have relied on relationships with local authorities. This will guide their data-led assessment, when it is time to call the race.

There are several other prestigious election “decision desks” in the US media. They can say race earlier than AP. While the Guardian is reporting that this is happening, we will be relying on the data from the AP to make our final call.

Should any candidate declare victory ahead of time, we will report this claim, but make it clear that it is not valid. The only measure of victory is a full count of all outstanding ballots.

Biden was amused by 200 or so supporters as he visited his modest childhood home in Green Ridge, a leafy suburb outside the city center.

There, he signed a room wall “from this house to the White House” by the grace of God. Joe Biden 11-3-2020 ”, before coming out – wearing a black face mask to prevent the spread of coronovirus – to greet elbows with neighbors and voters.

Janet Evans, a retired teacher who lives opposite, said she believed the former Vice President would win Pennsylvania and the White House. “He really cares about average people. And as he often says, he is not from Park Avenue. She is from Scranton, North Washington Avenue, and we people love and trust her. “

“He’s the only one who can safely get us out of this epidemic and save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. It’s definitely going to be a fight, but at the end of the day, I believe Joi It will shut down, ”said Evans, 64.

Whole lot

Signature Joe Biden’s photo left on his childhood wall on Election Day.

3 November 2020

25-year-old Katherine Hoss, a student, said: “I am voting for Biden because of the education system and because she cares about women. But I think it is going to be a close election. “

The importance of prevailing in Pennsylvania cannot be overstated.

In 2016, Trump’s path to the White House was guaranteed after Pennsylvania’s 20 precious electoral college votes were defeated by Hillary Clinton by just 44,292 votes in the state, with more than 6 million votes.

Both candidates have stalled several campaigns across Pennsylvania for the past week, culminating on the eve of a star-studded election for Democrats when Lady Gaga, an anti-apartheid activist, performed in Pittsburgh with Biden, and singer Legend Biden joined the running mate, Kamala Harris, in Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, Trump issued a thinly veiled threat to the state’s Democratic governor, claiming that Tom and Wolf were implicated in Pennsylvania on charges of cheating, while he and his supporters would “be watching him.” .

Trump has falsified a campaign issue in Pennsylvania. In 2016, Trump did 57 of the state’s 67 rural and suburban counties, where Democrats have been accused of excluding white, blue-collar voters.

But in Green Ridge, 76-year-old Karen Zooten, a retired factory worker, said: “Democrats didn’t spare anyone, Republicans are liars. If Trump wins again he’ll make it a dictatorship. I hope it’s Joe But it is a wait and see. “

Despite the rapidly growing Kovid-19 cases in Pennsylvania and the Midwest, Zooten made sure to vote for the person to ensure his vote was counted in the heights of tonight. Statewide, more than 2.4 million of the 9.1 million eligible voters cast their ballots early, but the full count could not be completed until Friday.

According to the website Freetheit, Biden gave Trump 8.4 percentage points in national elections on average as soon as the polling booths opened on Tuesday, but only 4.7 points in Pennsylvania.

Earlier on Tuesday, Biden visited Carpenters and Joiners Union on the industrial south side of Scranton, where a small group of supporters chanted “Let’s go Joe” and “We love what we do”.

68-year-old Bill Rafalco, a retired technician who voted by mail, said: “I believe Scranton and Pennsylvania will vote for Biden because we cannot afford four more years of current administration, it is chaotic, at least. He has a plan for it epidemic. And he is a good, honorable, decent man. “

Former teacher Maureen Lyon, 70, said: “This election is the most important in my lifetime. We need to bring normalcy in the country. We need a human in the White House, who is in the bottom line.

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