Joe Biden raised $ 383 million in September, breaking an earlier record

In the last three months, Joe Biden’s campaign has raised about $ 890 million.


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WASHINGTON — Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden raised $ 383 million in September, surpassing the record-breaking hawl he made a month earlier in his campaign against President Trump.

Mr Biden’s declining fundraising will give his team the ability to compete against the president on the broad general election map and run a large advertising campaign in the final weeks before the November 3 election.

Jane O’Mellie Dillon, Mr. Biden’s campaign manager, Said on twitter That campaign had $ 432 million in the bank. He said that $ 203 million of the funds raised during September came from online donors.

Mr. Biden’s campaign raised funds with joint fundraising committees with the Democratic National Committee. Mr. Trump’s campaign has not yet released his fundraising totals for September.

Mr. Biden helped fund the party’s summer conference in August for a $ 364.5 million monthly conference and the selection of Mr. Biden’s running mate by Sen. Kamala Harris (D, California). In September 2008, Barack Obama assumed a record of over $ 190 million.

In all, Mr. Biden’s campaign has raised about $ 890 million over the past three months.

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