Joe Biden and the Joint Fundraising Committees raise a record-breaking $ 300 million in August

According to two sources familiar with the Democratic nominee’s fundraising efforts, Joe Biden’s presidential campaign and joint fundraising committees are expected to report more than $ 300 million in August, a new monthly record for presidential fundraising to establish.

As a flood of huge cash last month, Biden announced his vice presidential nomination, Senator Kamala Harris of California, and officially accepted his party’s nomination at the Virtual Democratic National Convention for the first time.

The record-breaking cash hall arrives as Biden and President Trump are just 60 days away from the presidential election on 3 November. The New York Times reported a $ 300 million figure on Tuesday.

The Biden campaign and joint fundraising institutes raised in July more than doubled in number. Compared to previous campaign cycles, in August 2016, Hillary Clinton’s campaign and joint fundraising committees announced raising $ 143 million. And in 2012, President Obama’s reunion campaign and the Democratic National Committee brought in $ 114 million in August and $ 181 million in September. In September 2008, Obama and the DNC together raised $ 193 million, the former record for fundraising in a single month.

On August 11, Biden revealed that Harris would be his running mate after months of speculation. Only 24 hours after the announcement, the campaign raked in $ 26 million. It was the best fundraising day of the campaign so far. And 48 hours later, the campaign said it had brought in $ 48 million, including $ 39 million online, showing grassroots momentum in the final months before the election.

Less than a week later, Democrats kicked off the Democratic National Convention. That week, Biden brought in another $ 70 million in just four days, more than the $ 60 million Biden campaign brought in all of 2019, for the president and his joint fundraising institutions.

Biden’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment on his fundraising.

At the same time, the Trump campaign, Republican National Committee and joint fundraising institutions raised $ 76 million during four days during the Republican National Convention last month. The presidential campaign has not yet announced how much money was raised throughout the month.

In July, the Trump campaign and committees outbid Biden’s campaign and committees by $ 165 million, compared to Biden’s campaign’s $ 140 million. However, that month’s Biden campaign managed to nearly close the cash gap with the presidential campaign, reporting a $ 294 million war chest in the final months of the campaign cycle, $ 6 million shy of the Trump campaign and $ RNC’s 300 million.

Presidential election campaigns and political parties have a September 20 deadline for August fundraising and spending with the Federal Election Commission.