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With Joe Biden peaking together in what he has promised to become a diverse cabinet, Michele Flearnoy is reportedly the top choice for US Secretary of Defense and Susan Rice as a precursor to Secretary of State.

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Flournoy was previously a senior defense adviser in the administrations of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and is considered a political liberal. Since leaving the government she has been involved in various consulting roles around military contracts.

Michel Fleranoy is reportedly the top choice for US Secretary of Defense.

Michel Fleranoy is reportedly the top choice for US Secretary of Defense. Photo: Bill Clarke / CQ-Roll Call, Inc. / Getty Images

If confirmed by the US Senate, a term would expire under Donald Trump, who had five men during his presidency as Secretary of Defense. Among other issues, amid the disagreement with the president over the use of force against civilian protesters, the latest, Mark Ofer, was fired on Monday without a thought.

If she had become America’s first female defense secretary, Flournoy would have been faced with the task of deploying an army to potentially deliver the Kovid-19 vaccine. It is likely that she would like to rebuild America’s international reputation at a conference in March, saying that “a lot of work is going to take place over many years to recover that trust and that stand”.

Biden, who has “vowed to be a president for all Americans”, will face a challenge that his cabinet is facing ahead of a Republican-held Senate if, as expected, the party has two special elections in Georgia in January. Retains control of the Chamber. If he offers political moderates and even Republicans for the roles, he instigates anger among the progressive Democratic wing.

Rice, who served as a National Security Advisor and Ambassador to the United Nations in the Obama administration, is seen as a safe pick for the State Department, though some Republicans may object to him calling for the 2012 US attacks. But what do we consider misleading statements. The consulate in Libya that killed four Americans.

Questioning the bicycle ride on Saturday, Biden confirmed that he was getting close to electing a cabinet that would face stiff challenges when it entered the President’s White House on 20 January.

A largely uncontrolled proliferation of Kovid-19 is tearing across the country, with the number of daily cases recorded on Friday. A Biden administration would have to somehow overcome the epidemic, while mitigating the response to the economic downturn that cost millions of jobs, a possibility of Republican opposition in the Senate.

The former mayor of South Bend, Pete Buttig, Indiana who became an effective campaigner for Biden after giving up his own presidential ambitions, may be queuing up for a job, perhaps as an ambassador at the United Nations.

Federal Reserve Governor and another political liberal Lyle Brainard preferred to be named as Treasury Secretary, while Doug Jones, who was recently defeated as Alabama senator, or Sally Yates, acting attorney led by Trump Generals, who were there before the firing. Further as Attorney General.


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