Joanna Gaines shows fall display of Magnolia Market

Photo Credit: Magnolia / Instagram

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The Magnolia Market in Silos has been looking a bit different since reopening to the public in June with additional security measures. Yet despite all the recent changes, there is a tradition that the market cannot scratch: seasonal performance.

every season, Magnolia Journal A theme is adopted throughout the Magnolia Empire. In fact, the major stores in the market display their displays after each theme. In a video on Magnolia’s Instagram account on Thursday, Joanna Gaines has revealed this year’s theme: Rhythm.

“This year has brought a lot of disruptions with our natural rhythms and daily life,” she says, adding that the theme of this season is one that hits closer to home. She asks fans to take a step back and actually asks herself “what rhythm do we need to hold?” As well “what is the rhythm that we kinda need to go so that we can move forward?”

To explain the concept of rhythm in the store, the Magnolia display team worked with yarn and fabrics. More than 100 custom-colored yarn cones as well as a woven sign that reads “Embrace the rhythm of the season” make up the display wall in front of the market. Each yarn cone was dyed by hand and then wound using a special tool. The woven sign was made using an American loom. As Gaines notes, the methodical process of weaving at just one glance is a rhythm in itself.

Throughout the store, guests will also see several hand-woven lamps hanging from the ceiling. Many of these lamps have odd shapes and patterns made of yarn that were woven into the fabric. Gaines explains that these lamps were decorated in such a way as to show how the rhythm can sometimes be interrupted, yet be so beautiful.

Photo Credit: Magnolia / Instagram
Photo Credit: Magnolia / Instagram

“I really hope that when people step in, they feel the love and attention that went into these handmade performances,” she says, noting that she had an idea in her head and discussed it with her team After committing, each member drowned in his or her own body. Own rhythm to do it.

Shoppers can personally see seasonal displays at Magnolia Market. Can not make? You can still buy Magnolia’s new fall collection which is currently on display in stores as well.

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