Joanna Gaines reveals fall theme for Magnolia brand despite ‘disruption’

Joanna Gaines has revealed that this season, Magnolia will focus on the brand Rhythm.

Gaines said in a video posted on Thursday that Rhythm was chosen as the fall theme for the lifestyle brand due to the “many disruptions” that occurred this year.

“We really wanted to take a step back and just see, you know, what are those things that matter the most,” Gaines said. “What are the things in our lives, what are the rhythms we need to hold and then what are the rhythms that we really have to let go, so that we can move forward.”

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According to a blog post by the company, the theme of rhythm is not about music. It is also about “how the rhythm affects our lives and the world around us, both in a subtle and harsh way – how the seasons come and fade into each other, how our daily synergies keep us balanced , How the sun rises and falls, then rises. ”

To help explain the subject at the Magnolia retail shop in Waco, Texas, the company’s performance team showcased custom hand-dyed yarns and fabrics throughout the store.

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In total, the team created 105 custom colors for the yarn using Yellow, Brown, Pink and Deep Purple.

After the yarn was dyed, they wound on about 125 cedar cones used throughout the store, one of which was on the main display, which includes the phrase: “Embrace the rhythm of the season.”

Joanna Gaines is featured in New York City’s Time 100 Gala in 2019. (Photo Larry Busca / Getty Images for Time)

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According to the blog post, Magnolia’s retail store was decorated with hand-woven lanterns and an American loom attached to the main display.

“We are excited as we move into this new season that we have to change this location,” said Gaines in the video. “It almost feels like a celebration and I’m excited – I think the shop is coming to life again and it’s beautiful to see how everything is coming together.”

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