Joanna Gaines’ fall theme is unexpected for Magnolia Market

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Joanna Gaines is giving a behind-the-scenes look at how her Waco, Texas-based Magnolia Market is celebrating the fall – unexpectedly “rhythm.”

As of this season’s issue Magnolia Journal Delaying the idea of ​​rhythm and how it affects people’s lives, Gaines and his team felt inspired to reflect the same vision throughout the Waco, Texas market.

The main display in the market has various shades of hand-dyed yarn, which tie into each of the larger displays.

The press release states, “The weaving of the fabric tells the story of the rhythm, and the different threads on the loom combine to create something beautiful.”



The visual team custom-mixed colors including yellow, brown, pink and dark purple to dye the yarn by hand.

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Within this process, 105 custom colored dyes were created. These colors were fed through a custom winding device to create 125 cedar cones displayed in the front entrance that read, “Embrace the Rhythm of the Season.”


“This year we can all look back and say yes, there [have] There have been a lot of disruptions with our natural rhythms and just daily life, ”Gaines shared in a behind-the-scenes video.

“We really wanted to take a step back and just look at what are the things that matter the most, what are the things in our life – the rhythms – the ones we have to hold and the rhythms that we need to know. We should give so that we can move forward, ”he said.

According to Gaines’ blog, hand-woven yarn was also used to make hand-woven lanterns.

The team custom-colored organic flat cotton threads of over 1000 feet, he explained, which were then woven into a unique pattern.



Gaines wrote of the lantern, “The colors are changed from a deep ocher to a rich plum and pink, reminiscent of the ever-changing colors.”

Gaines shared in the video that the reopening of the market feels like a “new celebration”.

“I think the shop is coming to life again. It’s beautiful to see how everything is coming together,” she said.

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The Texas destination, owned by both Chip and Joanna Gaines, reopened this summer with additional precautions amid a coronovirus epidemic.

Magnolia / Instagram; Inset: Rob Kim / Getty

“We are ready to welcome you from June 1,” fixer upper Said fans in an email newspaper. “While you are gone, our team is preparing to make your return as safe and enjoyable as possible.”

Their message, titled “Together Again – In a New Way”, highlights the important changes they are implementing in various shops, restaurants, and that make it a popular tourist destination.

Currently, all Magnolia employees are required to wear masks and gloves during their shifts and the market has limited capacity to promote social distinctions inside each individual.

Magnolia maintains constant cleaning, including a deep cleaning, one-use menu every night to remove floor markers, when possible and encourage flow through buildings by reducing seating.