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Jo faces her abusive husband Paul – Summary – Hollywood Life

Jo finally got the divorce she wanted, but it was definitely not easy. And your connection to Dr. Paul Stadler may not have ended. To find out why, read our summary

After a long and agonizing winter parenthesis, Gray's Anatomy finally returned on January 18. And during her first episode, Jo finally confronted her estranged and abusive husband, Dr. Paul Stadler ( Matthew Morrison ). But before she could receive more than a few words, Dr. Weber quickly took her away when he told her that Alex needed her. In case you've forgotten, Jo was on track to give Alex some very important information about his patient when he met Paul. Fortunately for her, she found a way out of a potentially dangerous situation, but everyone praised Paul because they had no idea of ​​his story with Jo. Dr. Stadler even rubbed himself with Meredith. She, however, knew of her story with Jo, so immediately after she finished in the operating room, she rushed to share the news with Alex. And that's when Jo ran up to them to tell them even more how dangerous Paul is.

Later, Meredith helped Jo facilitate a divorce with Paul, and both signed papers before saying goodbye to each other awkwardly. Meredith was there for Jo every step of the way, but even when Paul left, Jo did not feel that was enough for her. I also wanted to make sure that Paul's new fiancee, special guest star Bethany Joy Lenz ( One Tree Hill ), knew everything, so she could also save herself. Jo even gave her phone number in case of an emergency, but after they parted, Jenny (Bethany Joy Lenz) told Paul about her conversation with Jo. So he went back to the hospital and was about to attack her in front of Jenny and Meredith. Fortunately, Meredith called security and scared him. But Jo soon realized that she now knows where she lives and could come back for her at any moment. Jo told Alex he wanted Paul to be dead. It seemed like a typical statement to someone in Jo's position, but we had no idea he meant it. Or so it seemed when, at the end of the episode, Meredith found Alex and Jo staring at a hospital room where Paul's body lay, after a blow and flee! They are responsible? OMG!

In another Gray & # 39; s Anatomy news, Jackson and Maggie almost got hooked when they ended up together in the locker room, no scrubs … after their separate showers. But just as they were about to put on, someone broke in with new bushes to put them on. We're not entirely sure why the uniforms were missing, but we think it had something to do with the hacking of the hospital. And speaking of that, that was solved thanks to a trans doctor who had his own experience with piracy.

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