JK Dobbins will have an ‘important role’ in Ravens offense

The Ravens know they have a stud workhorse in veteran pro bowler Mark Ingram II, but the tricky crook is unlikely to see JK Dobbins running on the bench.

The challenge of making a big impact for miscreants this year is even greater due to the missed practice time due to COVID-19. However, Dobbins has so far shown that it will not hold him back.

Dobins impressed his coaches with the way he learned offense in virtual meetings, and once he stepped onto the field for training camp, it became clear that Owens was a second-round pick out of state The Ravens had something special together.

“He’s definitely going to play an important role,” head coach John Harbo said on Tuesday. “But then, it comes down to how it goes.

“He looks great in behavior. He works really hard. He is just the most reliable man. He has a lot of talent, and he is very tolerant. So, he wants to be good. He wants to play . He is full of confidence. ” coachability plus talent; This is a very good combination. ”

With lost practices and no presensor games, it is difficult to tell how to cheat in games, especially in seasons. The Ravens held an event at M&T Bank Stadium to simulate game-like conditions, but it is not exactly the same.

Coming into a season in which the Ravens broke a 41-year-old record, there is no shortage of options in the backfield. With Ingram, Gus Edwards and Justice Hill in the same room, Dobbins has time to get his feet up and develop.

But his talent is so undeniable that the Ravens will quickly find ways to use him, and that’s music to Dobins’ ears.

“My point is just getting tougher and the chips will fall into place,” Dobins said. “Of course, I’m not going to be patient. I’m trying as hard as I can to play, get on the field and help this team win.”

“I think I’m preparing well for this first game. Hopefully, I can get there and make some plays.”

Dobins has highlighted various aspects of his game in training camp. He has got lightning fast legs, long run break speed, power and stamina as a runner and blocker, and is smooth out of the backfield as a pass catcher.

Dobins did not want to talk about a different dynamic, which he would add to Rance back to rotation because it would assume something was missing. But the miscreants said that people must have been sleeping on his attained capacity.

The Dobins ran for more than 2,000 yards last season and broke the 1,000-yard mark in three years at Ohio State. He averaged 24 catches for 215 yards per year and scored five receiving touchdowns.

Dobbins has made some highlight-reel plays during practices, but it is the running backs that have impressed running backs coach Matt Weiss the most.

“I think that every day, his affirmation, his physicality, his vision – all the things that make a fantastic race – appear on the field,” Weiss said. “I think honestly, though, I’m more impressed by his mindset, by his make-up, which is really his competition, his morality. He’s wired a little differently.”

When Dobins arrived for the ramp-up period of training camp, Weiss insisted to Dobins that hard work was important in the weight room in Baltimore. Dobbins said that would not be a problem.

“I hear from people that she’s in the weight room doing workouts just talking to strength coaches non stop,” Weiss said. “I knew they secretly loved it, but I asked them, ‘JK, why do you do this? I mean, these people are telling you how much weight to put on the bar, how many reps. You Why do it. Go there and talk in the trash? He’s just going to make your workout harder. ”

Yes, that was it.

“The more I talk, the more they push me,” Dobbins said.

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