JJ Watt’s cryptic tweet generates wild speculation about his next destination

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JJ Watt has said that “free agency is crazy.” He’s doing everything he can to make it even wilder.

A seven-word tweet Watt posted on Tuesday morning has sparked rampant speculation about the message he is not or is not sending about his future.

Mitochondria are the cell’s energy source“Watt said.

Some suggest it means that Watt will join the Bills. “Mitochondria”, for example, has the same number of letters like “Buffalo Bills”. (That seems like an exaggeration). Then there is the fact that Mitochondria Research Society is based in Buffalo. (That seems less exaggerated).

Fans of other teams are on the spot. For example, mitochondria have a “CIn it, which means that Watt is heading to Cleveland.

Regardless, the situation has sparked enough discussion about the “mitochondria” trend.

Whatever the meaning, even if it doesn’t have any meaning, it’s fun to wonder where Watt will go and if any team will make a firm offer before the 2021 salary cap is officially set.

Until then, Watt should tweet more fun facts. Like “the human head weighs eight pounds.”

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