JJ Watt of Texas in moments of unity with chiefs

Before the kickoff of the first game of the 2020 NFL season between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans on Thursday, the two teams stood together for a moment of unity as the league’s players highlight the quest for racial justice.

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However, fans began to stir when players and coaches stood the length of the field arm-in-arm and the public address announcer, along with two teams linked by Chief Quarterback Patrick “to silence racial support in our country Moments “. Mahomes and Texas quarterback Deshawn Watson. At the end of attendance, most of the approximately 16,000 people cheered and the teams returned to their limits. Some boiled over while teams stepped into unity.

A baseball player holding a bat on a field: Houston Texas defensive end JJ Watt (99) walks sideways.

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Houston Texas defensive end JJ Watt (99) walks the sidelines.

Houston defensive end JJ Watt, who was standing next to Watson, found the negative aspect of the crowd’s reaction misleading.

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After Houston’s 34–20 loss, via NFL Network, “I personally thought the moment of unity was good,” Watt said, “I mean the arrogance during that moment was unfortunate. I got the whole Not understood by the way. There was no flag involved. There was nothing but the two teams coming together to show unity. ”

The text came after being in the locker room for the lesson’s national anthem and “Lift Every Voice and Sing”. The majors were on the field for the song, and defensive end Alex Okafor knelt in the air with his right fist.

Both coaches, Andy Reid of the Chiefs and Bill O’Brien of Texas, said they did not notice Boeing.

“A locker room is a very diverse place,” Watt said. “All are people from different backgrounds, all are people from different positions. I’ve been very fortunate to be part of a lot of locker rooms in my entire life. In this locker room, we have interacted with him more. ” Ever had topics that might be uncomfortable to talk about. People may never have opened these conversations. “

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick began kneeling during the national anthem in 2016 to peacefully protest police brutality and racism. Initially, he was heralded as a hero by a league that had not given him a job in years.

“For me, I’ve learned a lot,” Watt said. “I’ve been educated a lot. It’s really a growing experience for our team, and I think we’ve come very close because of it. Friendships and relationships will last a lifetime in this locker room.”

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The article originally appeared on USA Today: Texas’ JJ Watt on Bose on Unity of the Chiefs: ‘I don’t fully understand’.

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