Jio Urshela’s Yankee comeback means another demotion for Miguel Andujar

Gio Urshela returned from the IL stent due to a bone sprain in his right elbow and the Yankees had three hits in the 20-6 win over the Blue Jays and were third in the lead.

“He was spraying the ball at the ballpark,” Boone said. “It was good to see him returning like this and moving around as he did.”

Following the return of Urshela, Miguel Andujar was given the option of an alternate venue in Scranton.

“Wanted to keep Gleiber out one day, we felt like we needed coverage in the middle infield on the bench [Tuesday], “Boone said to keep the rookie Astroda on the roster instead of the defensively limited Anduazar.

After struggling for most of the season, Andujar had started producing at the plate, going 11–33 in his last nine games with a .975 OPS. Estrada was given the option after the game.

In addition to substitute Andujar, the Yankees also sent Mike Ford, as he needed to make room for Urshela and Giancarlo Stanton.

Ford is appearing in 22 plates this month, with three walks. DJ LeMahieu can move in at first to return Luke Voit.

The Yankees overtook both Andujar and Ford, keeping Eric Kretz as an extra catch.

“Our level of comfort with the three catchers – and not for the potential risk of losing one of those – was especially some difficult decisions [Andujar], ‘Boone said. “Gio and Stanton back and with Aaron [Judge] Next, he should not have too many immediate batsmen. ”