Jimmy Lai’s message of hope

Jimmy Lye started in prison from 2021. Hong Kong’s leading businessman and democracy activist suggested last month’s detention that the Chinese Communist Party wanted to end dissent. The hammer fell on Tuesday morning with the mass arrests of 53 other democracy supporters in Hong Kong.

The jails can cause a preliminary examination for Biden administration. While Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were celebrated as Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” to win the election, it is unclear whether they are fighting for the right to contest.

From a global perspective, the big story of 2020 was China’s government: its duplication around Kovid, the continued expansion of its surveillance state, and the forcible incitement of its mass to the oppression and deportation of Uygars in 380 detention centers in the Xianing region. China is uncontrolling its muscles in Hong Kong. It is time when the rest of the world has stood up for the norms of free societies, including free speech and the rule of law.

Mr. Lai’s case should attract worldwide attention that is being lost in Hong Kong. At the age of 12, he smuggled himself from mainland China by boat to Hong Kong Peniless but was ambitious. Sixty years later, his success symbolizes the entrepreneurial spirit of a free Hong Kong; Out of nothing he built a clothes shop empire, then a newspaper and media group. His newspaper, Apple Daily, is the second most read paper in Hong Kong.

Those achievements are impressive, but what he is most passionate about, and what keeps him up at night, is Hong Kong’s democracy movement. When I interviewed him in early November, he said “I really appreciate the independence in Hong Kong.” This freedom has given us all that we have. Hope. Source of Inspiration. It is very valuable. With my gratitude for this place, it is my duty to do whatever I can for freedom and rule of law. ”


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