Jimmy Kimmel shot down over ‘absolutely gripping’ Riot videos during impeachment

ORUnlike his competitor on CBS, Jimmy Kimmel found the first day of Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial “boring and pointless.” The second day was a different story.

“What the House managers presented today was absolutely gripping,” said the late-night host at the top of his monologue. “They have never seen videos of rioters terrorizing congressmen before. Mitt Romney had to run, they had a video of that. The mob was breaking down windows, banging on doors, looking to find Nancy Pelosi, chanting ‘Hang up Mike Pence.’

Among the most shocking new videos, Kimmel explained, was that of Pence and his family being evacuated from the building “to escape the army of dangerous jerks the president sent their way.”

And Trump, the whole time, sat in his office and said nothing. For hours, ”he said. In fact, he tweeted during this, again blaming his own vice president, saying he didn’t have the courage to do what needed to be done. It was a very powerful presentation, far more than anything I’ve ever seen before. “

“I have no idea how you can look at that and vote for anything other than ‘guilty of the charges,'” Kimmel stated. “Trump should have been removed from office that day.”

As his limited audience began to applaud, he continued, “This is how you know how damning this was. This essay was broadcast live on ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS. The only channel you cut? Fox News. Wow, I wonder why “

In fact, Fox abruptly parted ways with House impeachment manager Eric Swalwell mid-sentence so viewers could hear the presenters of The five, who proceeded to report the entire trial as a waste of time.

The host also shared the news about how unhappy Trump was about how his lawyers behaved on Tuesday, though, as The Daily Beast reported, Wednesday’s testimony put him in a “very good mood.”

“They say the last time he was so angry was when he discovered there was a Donald Trump Jr.,” Kimmel joked, before playing a video of the former president’s son defending his father in Hannity. “Why didn’t you drink bleach when your father told you?” I ask.

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