Jimmy Kimmel roasts Rudy Giuliani for being stifled by Trump.

Following the jovial joy of President Donald Trump’s second impeachment on Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel had even more good news to celebrate on Thursday.

Not only has Trump already started exiting the White House, but the president’s mood has been described as “monotonous” and “vindictive” and he also “outsmarted his No. 1 dirty-working Rudy Giuliani.” Has been doing.” The host was referring to a new report Washington Post Trump has instructed allies not to pay Giuliani for his legal efforts to reverse the election results.

“Working for Trump and hoping to get paid is akin to having dinner with Chris Christie and expecting a doggie bag,” Kimmel said. After noting that Giuliani’s rate is $ 20,000 per day, he said, “well spent money.”

“He could have hired Gary Basre for one hundred rupees to do the same thing,” he said. “That’s a lot for an incompetent lawyer.” And then, “I wonder who leaked this story … maybe it was Giuliani’s head!”

Perhaps hoping that he won’t have the opportunity to make any more jokes at Giuliani’s expense too soon, Kimmel decides to leave it all on the table.


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