Jimmy Kimmel publicly named Wednesday’s pro-Trump mob

Jimmy Kimmel is using the right-wing media to promote the baseless conspiracy theory that Trump’s pro-mob “antifa” created. To refute the false claim, which has been repeated by Republican lawmakers in which Florida Rep. Matt Matt, Kimmel identified various members of the crowd and called them out by name and personal history. Maybe you should check the clip above, FBIThe

After teaming up with his partner late into the night on Wednesday night, Kimmel moved the gears and met his effort on Thursday. “While watching the news, these experts keep saying, ‘History will not take pity on the politicians who hold this position.” “As if they cared about history. Even those people do not care about climate change! At this rate, we would be lucky if we also have a history for him that is embarrassing. “

Kimmel called for Trump to be removed from office, as well as a rightful new commitment to a baseless claim that leftist Antifa supporters were behind the attack on the Capitol. “It’s that we know we’re gonna be in this flat-earth society for a while,” said ABC host, Mike Lindell, CEO of Getz, My Pillow, from playing clips of Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Alabama) first. ), And Sarah Palin discussed baseless conspiracy theory in the cable news landscape. “Oh God. Where did he – shut up, Sarah Palin. Crawl back into your igloo and close the hole with ice.”

“You know, we spent the afternoon doing some research, and I have to be honest, there might be something to this theory,” he continued. “Let’s take a look at some of the more notable characters.”

As Kimmel is one of the most prominent figures among pro-Trump crowd – including Jake Angeli, an actor and QN supporter; Adam Johnson, a Florida man who stole Pelosi’s podium; And Richard ‘Bigo’ Barnett, an Arkansas native who was photographed with his feet at Pelosi’s table – highlighting his many “antifa” qualities. “So, they are there, Maga Antifa,” he concluded. “What does he forgive these animals before going out?”

Look at the name Jimmy Kimmel and shame on Wednesday’s pro-Trump crowd.

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