Jimmy Kimmel pokes fun at Rush Limbaugh’s ‘tribute’ to Trump’s self-service

Donald Trump has yet to call Joe Biden to congratulate him on winning the 2020 election. And Jimmy Kimmel knows why: He’s “too busy” calling Fox News.

“After 27 days in hiding, Trump called Fox News today to talk about his friend Rush Limbaugh who died,” the late-night host said during his monologue Wednesday night. “And what a beautiful tribute it was.”

Kimmel proceeded to broadcast the highlights of the first of two telephone “interviews” that Trump gave to Fox, apparently to praise the openly racist, misogynistic and homophobic right-wing radio mogul, who died Wednesday after a lengthy battle. Against the lung cancer.

But instead of talking about Limbaugh’s life, the former president focused primarily on the election he lost nearly four months ago, saying things like, “Rush thought we won, and so did I.”


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