Jimmy Kimmel embarks on Capitol’s Storm Over Ted Cruz

Last month, comedian Jimmy Kimmel devoted almost an entire night-long solitude to an idiotic defense of Ted Cruz’s “lowly” and Trump’s baseless electoral challenge. It is an empty crusade in which Cruz, despite calling his wife ugly and accusing his father of involvement in the JFK massacre, said that he is completely in the cynical hope that he will one day become a candidate to represent MAGA Can. Republican Party in 2024.

And on Wednesday night, President Trump instigated a treacherous attack on the Capitol, with his followers effectively holding congressional halls for several hours while backup police and the National Guard were nowhere to be found, with Kimel leading a lawless insurgency Addressed.

“Thank you for joining us to end the treason of the Donald Trump era.” It was one of those days that I always believed. This is not the kind of thing I imagined would happen in my lifetime in this country, ”Kimmel announced.

He continued: “The President of the United States, because he is very angry, is very insecure, and is too incompetent to deal with the fact that he lost an election – a fair election; An election that was no different from any other election; An election in which he lost by 7 lakh votes and 70 voters — turning the furious mob against Congress and his own vice president, not to mention endangering the Capitol Police, those blue lives he meant a lot to him is. ”

Calling him “Benedict Arnold”, Kimmel said at the rally that Trump spoke earlier in the day, where he stirred up the storm of the US Capitol, he told his loyal MAOA-chiefs, “And after that, we walk there Going., And I’ll be there with you, we’re gonna go down … into the Capitol and we’re going to cheer our brave senators and congressmen and women … and we’re probably not going to be so happy with some of them. For. Because you will never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength and you have to be strong. “(Later parts of the Trump rally crowd invaded the Capitol.)


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