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Jimmy Kimmel at Oscars Hosting: Another SNAFU & # 39; It would tickle me deeply & # 39;

The host also influences Oprah's presidency, Matt Damon, and does not use the Oscars as a platform for medical care.

After last year's disastrous error, in which "Moonlight" was accidentally awarded to the best film La La Land "on live television before the error was rectified, the awards ceremony was not he has another place to go, but above, presumably.

It's a topic that Jimmy Kimmel has thought about carefully after he hosted in 2017 and will once again do the honors for the next March ceremony. "I do not believe It's going to happen again, "he said on Monday at the press conference panel of the Oscar Television Critics Association, but if such SNAFU were met, Kimmel said," It would tickle me deeply. "

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Kimmel believes that if another error of that level were to happen, most likely all those associated with the ceremony would be fired since that would indicate "no one is competent". Given the amount of coverage and dissection inspired at the time, it seems that replicating is an impossibility.

"Moonlight" – apart from the mistakes, the organization of awards ceremonies has become even more challenging than ever. In the current climate of political and social consciousness, the hosts have the task of balancing humor and entertainment with sufficient awareness of current events; otherwise, they run the risk of sounding deaf to the sound, disconnected or insensitive. Gone are the days when the Oscars were almost glamorous, and dressed.

The Harvey Weinstein of Todo

Kimmel credited Seth Meyers for becoming the first presenter of a television ceremony after Harvey The unmasking of Weinstein as a sexual predator and the entire #MeToo movement. "I thank you for that trial by fire," Kimmel said of Meyers entering new and uncertain territory. He also praised the Golden Globes for changing the conversation when it came to the usual red carpet fashion show. As part of the Time & # 39; s Up movement to highlight the epidemic of sexual harassment and abuse, supporters dressed in black as a sign of protest.

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"I thought the red carpet was interesting because people were talking about something for once, and I think that was fascinating," he told reporters after the TCA panel. "Usually, it's just what you have in your body, what fabrics there are in your body." At least, it was great to see people discussing something of importance.Lastly, how can you argue that none of this is Okay? "

It remains to be seen if Kimmel follows Meyers's example and addresses sexual misconduct or even Weinstein during the Oscars.

"I do not know what will be the mood in that program, two months are missing," he said. "Who can say that Harvey Weinstein will be alive in two months? That was not a joke."

Leaving Obamacare at Home

That said, Kimmel is sure he will not touch a close and dear topic of his heart: Obamacare. The host mentioned him several times on his evening program, inspired by his baby's health problems and the treatment he received.

"I do not intend to use the Oscars as a platform for medical care," he said. He said. "You need to remember why you're there, it's not about you … You're there to entertain the people who are there on the biggest night of their lives, if it gets too heavy, you're getting away from that."

Oprah for president

When Oprah Winfrey received the Cecil B. DeMille award at the Golden Globes, her optimistic and optimistic acceptance speech toppled the house and inspired many to promote her as a presidential candidate in 2020.

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"Given the choice between Oprah and the current president, I'm on the bus with Oprah traveling around the country," Kimmel said.

Also, forget about calling your president Oprah. "We would have to call his president Winfrey, do you realize that?" He added. "I do not know if we are prepared for that as a country."

Oscar jokes that do not work

Oscar nominations will not be announced until January 23, so there's only so much preparation Kimmel can do.

"We started trying to guess which movies will be nominated and then writing jokes," he said. "Once the nominations come out we will begin to button and seriously write our jokes."

Surprisingly, Kimmel discovered that doing his research too well could be counterproductive for him.

"I try to see every nominated and powerful film to be nominated" He said, "but the downside is that the people in the room have not seen many of the movies they voted for … I made a joke about Moonlight & # 39; that did not work I thought it was interesting. "

On the contrary, he pointed out:" One of the positive things about Donald Trump is when you make a joke about him, people understand him "

Nobody is out of bounds [19659009] Kimmel and Matt Damon has a long history of making fun of each other.The Oscars last year included a lot that highlighted the worst results of Damon's career, however, in light of the actor's latest and incendiary statements about misconduct sexual-namely, that he does not believe that all behaviors should be mixed-and rumors that he helped to conceal a Weinstein story in the past, Kimmel might actually face skewering his good friend about those issues.

Matt Damon was born as a joke, as far as I'm concerned, "he said." I hope we're focused on something else in two months. But [he’s game for] a little elbow in the ribs. I'm always open to that. "

The 90 Academy Awards will be broadcast live on Sunday, March 4 on ABC.

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