Jimmy Fallon sympathizes with the Suez Canal ‘Dockblocker’

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A giant container ship is blocking the Suez Canal, one of the most important maritime arteries in the world, causing a traffic jam of more than 100 ships at each end.

“Yes, that is a difficult day for that captain. Right now it is trending worldwide on Twitter as #dockblocker, ”Jimmy Fallon joked Wednesday.

“I get it – after a year of quarantine, nothing fits anymore. They should have put that ship in their elastic channel. You know, the one that looks like denim, but gives, and is smart enough to go from the couch to brunch. ” – STEPHEN COLBERT

“But when you look at how big that ship is, I’m not surprised that it gets stuck. And the crazy thing is that the whole ship is only delivering two AA batteries. Yes, the rest is just extra packaging. ” – TREVOR NOAH

“I’ll give you an idea of ​​how big these container ships are: this is as long as the Empire State Building in New York is tall. Well, there is your problem. You should have navigated it upright. ” – STEPHEN COLBERT

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