Jimmy Butler, LeBron James react to Giannis Antetokonampo’s signature

Giannis Antetokounmpo is living in a house in Miliyaukee.

He is being paid well to do so – $ 228.2 million in five years, the richest contract in NBA history – but being a two-time MVP on the roster is a big win for the Bucks and will keep him for years to come. Holds as the claimant.

Miami was one of the rumored destinations for Antetokonampo (even though he said if he leaves Milwaukee, but Heat star Jimmy Butler said he is seeing Greek Freak happy to be with the Bucks as he is challenged by the best Wants to Give (via Local 10) News in Miami)

“I love it,” Butler said. “I don’t think you can get around that. I don’t think you can even go around LeBron. You have to go right through them. You have to defeat them. You have to beat the Sixers, Boston, Toronto as well. East. I have a lot of squads with some very good players. Nobody scares me. I’m really excited for it. I want to go against the best, my guys want to go against the best. It’s our way of showing. That’s how we get our respect. “

Lebron James – who jumped from Cleveland to Miami to Cleveland in his career – said that he and Giannis are in different places and have made different decisions, but Lebron is happy for him.

“I don’t know if I can relate to his situation.” All our situations are different. completely different. He tried to make something great for her, and he clearly tried hard enough to keep her there. I think it’s great that she’s staying there, that she’s committed to that franchise. “

This “great for him to be in this small market” response has been the most common around the league on Tuesday – players, in particular, never question anyone who is grabbing the bag (no matter what. What game they play).

Now Antetoconpo need to work and bring another title to Milwaukee.

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