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Jimi Hendrix's new album, "Both Sides Of The Sky", will premiere in March

  New album JIMI HENDRIX, & # 39; Both Sides Of The Sky & # 39 ;, due in March

On March 9, Experimenta Hendrix and Legacy Recordings the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment proudly launch "Both Sides Of The Sky" a new dynamic album Jimi Hendrix featuring 13 studio recordings made between 1968 and 1970, 10 of which has never been released before. The album will be released in multiple formats, including CD, digital and as a vinyl audiophile numbered 180 grams 2LP.

"Both Sides Of The Sky" is the third volume of a trilogy of albums destined to present the best and most significant studio recordings not issued that remain in the archive of the music legend. Beginning with "Valles de Neptuno" (2010), which obtained the top ten sales rankings in fifteen countries (including a top position of No. 4 in Billboard in the list of albums Top 200), followed by "People, Hell And Angels" (2013), which peaked at Billboard & # 39; s Top 100 album chart at # 2 The coveted n. Billboard's # 1 was for "Somewhere" the main song of the album and the most legendary achievement of the legendary guitarist in the United States. It is expected that this third release will complete the spectacular recording event in epic form.

"Since Experience Hendrix began his restoration of the music catalog Jimi Hendrix in 1997, our goal has been to present these important recordings to Jimi & # 39 We're excited to do it, we've also tried to generate album releases that present this amazing music in its proper context, "explains John McDermott one of the album's members. -producers, along with Janie Hendrix and Eddie Kramer .

Recorded between January 1968 and February 1970, Jimi's desire to overcome the limits of blues music can be heard at all times. "Both Sides Of The Sky" further highlights the domain of Jimi's studio production and his increasing use of these facilities as a testing ground for new sounds, materials and techniques. Many of the tracks of the album were recorded by the trio that would know like BAND OF GYPSYS : Jimi in the guitar and the voice, Billy Cox in the low one , and Buddy Miles on drums. For his first recording session on April 22, 1969, Hendrix turned to his shared musical root, delta blues. His unpublished and updated version of Muddy Waters "Mannish Boy" opens the album and sets the pace for what follows. "Lover Man" was one of the favorites Hendrix original and the guitarist was determined to perform a finished master. Previous attempts of the original EXPERIENCE had not yet resulted Hendrix but this December 1969 effort BAND OF GYPSYS – complete with his homage to the popular "Batman" theme song – it was his strongest effort to date.

"Hear My Train A Comin & # 39;" presents the drummer Mitch Mitchell and the bassist Noel Redding of the original JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE . This original blues composition had become a staple of Hendrix & # 39; s concerts. This unpublished recording of April 1969 captured the furious power and dynamic tension that made the song so memorable. Previously unheard recordings of "Stepping Stone" "Jungle" "Cherokee Mist" (featuring Hendrix on electric guitar and sitar), as well as the January recording of 1968 from "Sweet Angel" provide more highlights.

"Both Sides Of The Sky" also presents a variety of notable guest musicians. Stephen Stills became friends Hendrix in June 1967 Monterey Pop Festival . In September 1969, Stills was invited to a session of Hendrix in Record Plant in New York. Stills burst into session with a song Joni Mitchell had recently composed, titled "Woodstock" . Accompanied by Hendrix and Buddy Miles the trio recorded this version first, months earlier CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG published their popular version of Mitchell & # 39; s song. Stills would also contribute "$ 20 Fine" an original song featuring Hendrix on several guitars, Mitchell on drums, Stills on organ and lead vocal and Duane Hitchings ( BUDDY MILES EXPRESS ) on piano.

Another of the album's unique band creations is seen Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Winter on guitar, backed by Billy Cox and drummer Dallas Taylor of CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG . An excerpt from his version of Guitar Slim "Things he used to do" was initially heard as part of a 1990 nationally distributed radio show and a set of boxes attached, but here he is featured on his whole, recently mixed by Eddie Kramer by "Both sides of the sky" . In "Georgia Blues" Jimi meets with his former bandmate Lonnie Youngblood (voice / sax) from his days before fame in CURTIS KNIGHT & THE SQUIRES . Briefly issued as part of the series "" by Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues but sold out for almost a decade, this special recording is available once again for Hendrix fans from all over the world all audio formats.

"Both sides of the sky" was produced by Janie Hendrix John McDermott and Eddie Kramer . Kramer served as recording engineer on each album by Jimi Hendrix made during the artist's lifetime. To preserve the integrity and continuity of the legacy of Hendrix this same team has produced all the audio-visual releases of Jimi Hendrix since 1996.

Janie Hendrix president and CEO of Experience Hendrix LLC, commented: "We have a growing commitment to preserve the legacy of Jimi and also to continue to provide the Jimi world-wide family quality releases. This is what & # 39; Both Sides of the Sky & # 39; reflects … our ongoing commitment … In a deeper sense, it is the fulfillment of a promise. Jimi and once I did a Promise to each other, he said he would take care of me and I told him I would take care of him.With his music and the preservation of his work, my brother and I honor each other. our third decade of observation about tr Jimi's creative downs and our determination to maintain the integrity of what he left us only got stronger over time. "

That is also the purpose of Eddie Kramer and his dedication to the project. He commented: " Jimi's real home was the studio, that's where music and magic happened, he loved everything about recording and it was my great pleasure and honor to be part of that. process, then and now. "

" Both sides of the sky " track list:

01. Mannish Boy *
02. Lover Man *
03. Listen to my train A Comin & # 39; *
04. Stepping Stone *
05. $ 20 Fine * +
06. Power of the soul ^
07. Jungle ] *
08. Things I used to do #
09. Georgia Blues ++
10. Sweet Angel *
11. Woodstock * +
12. Send my love to Linda *
13. Cherokee Mist *

* Previously unpublished
] ^ Previously extended version not available
+ With Stephen Stills
# With Johnny Winter
++ With Lonnie Youngblood

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