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Jimbo Fisher’s quote about choosing Texas A & M over FSU is probably true


Jimbo Fisher was formally introduced as head coach of Texas A & M on Monday, a few days after he accepted the historic contract for 10 years and $ 75 million. During his first press conference at College Station, he was asked, as expected, about the decision to leave Florida State, a place he called home for the past eight seasons.

Jimbo Fisher: "I never intended to leave Florida State" before investigating at Texas A & M. Then, "it was a truism … It was an opportunity I could not pbad up"

– Safid Deen ( @Safid_Deen) December 4, 2017

While some may take this response as Fisher avoided saying flatly that he could not pbad up a $ 75 million deal, his situation in Tallahbadee had really soured, probably until the point that he had no choice but to accept the position of A & M. As Tomahawk Nation reported last week, things had become "unsustainable":

What I did find, however, were several players who firmly affirmed that they can no longer trust Jimbo Fisher, and that if he returns, they intend to transfer. They spoke on condition of anonymity.

"If he came back, I'm leaving."

This is a changed feeling since the beginning of the year, when I reported that they would plan to transfer if their position coach was retained for the 2018 season. A lot of the staff should have been fired after the 2016 campaign, and the message has been obsolete

Now the feeling has changed, and these players do not want to play for the head coach. He could not satisfactorily address his future status in an awkward team meeting on Thursday.

Florida clbad 2018 also lost a handful of verbal commitments, while Fisher-to-Texas A & M rumors took off last week. Proving the obvious here, but it also helps that $ 75 million is a deal you can not pbad up either.

10 years, $ 75 million. I would throw the Christmas tree and also the pants I was wearing.

– Adam Kramer (@KegsnEggs) December 1, 2017

Fisher also mentioned the administration of TAMU during his presser, which was interpreted by some of them being indirectly mentioning the administration of the state of Florida .

Jimbo: "You can have the greatest coaches in the world, but if the administration does not see things the way you see things, and allows you to do things that way, nothing can be achieved."

– Bryan Fischer (@BryanDFischer) December 4, 2017

As noted by ESPN's Andrea Adelson, this was not exactly the case in Tallahbadee:

The administration helped Jimbo get:
] Indoor practice facility
Updated + upgraded stadium
Reformed coach offices, changing rooms, meeting space
Current plans for an independent football facility
He was also the sixth highest paid coach in the country
But sure … https://t.co/GFJgd3KjQv

– Andrea Adelson (@aadelsonESPN) December 4, 2017

Elliott expanded this, adding that the administration of the state of Florida It also gave the program new player dorms and a new players lounge. FSU also spent the sixth largest amount of money on college football in coaches.

Every time a coach leaves a successful program, these things sometimes happen. In Fisher's case, there are many chances that he has no choice but to leave the FSU, regardless of the money that TAMU had for him. But $ 75 million certainly helps make that decision easier!

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