Jim Schwartz: I was trying to congratulate DK Metcalf

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Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf could be The whole michael jordan is gone On Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, but the coach insisted that he was only trying to show some respect on Monday night.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday morning, Schwartz said he was trying to praise Metcalf when he brought in three-time, first-team All-Pro Calvin Johnson for second-year wide receiver.

“In my mind, it’s a little weird. Anytime you say someone’s name in the same sentence as Calvin Johnson, I don’t know how you can take offenseT, ”Schwartz said, via ESPN’s Tim McManus. “[I] I said I would read his story, knew he would recover from the injury, knew he was a worker, he said that reminded me a little of Calvin, congratulated him after the game. And at that time he said to me, ‘Hey, thank you coach, it means a lot to me.’ ‘

And yet, Metcalf apparently inspired Schwartz’s words so much that he had no choice but to get a career-high 177 yards.

“If anyone thinks that someone wants to commit an offense more than being one of the greatest players in the history of the National Football League, then yes – if you get your inspiration that way, that’s fine,” Schwartz said. “But we’re not going to worry too much about it.”

If anyone should feel some kind of comparison about that comparison, Schwartz said it must be Johnson. From 2009–2013, Schwartz was Johnson’s head coach at Detroit, leading a wide career.

“You just have to understand how much I respect Calvin,” Schwartz said. “The biggest honor of my coaching career was coaching that man day in and day out. He means a lot to my children and my family and everything else. So I tried to congratulate a boy. “

Schwartz’s comments to Metcalfe probably did not offend most people under normal circumstances. But this is just how some athletes like to draw their inspiration. Like George Carl in the restaurant with Jordan, Schwartz angered Metcalf, whether he did anything or not.

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