Jim Jordan says Dems cut GOP video at Barr hearing: Here’s the full version

Rape Jim Jordan, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, said Wednesday morning on “Fox and Friends” that Democrats cut a video he showed during his deposition with Attorney General William Burr on Tuesday before the hearing.

“They won’t let us finish their video, they won’t let her answer questions …” Jordan, R-Ohio, said.

“They pulled the plug on the video?” Host Steve Doki asked.

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“Yeah, it wasn’t all the way. We had more to show. They wouldn’t let him answer questions. And there was a point where they weren’t letting him take a toilet break,” Jordan reacted.

The House Judiciary GOP posted the full video on its Twitter account on Tuesday following Jordan’s opening statement. A comparison between the video posted by the Judiciary Committee Republicans and the tape from the hearing shows that the 10-minute video was cut approximately two minutes before its conclusion.

In that time, the video shows a woman holding a sign that reads, “Good Copse Quit” while rioters smash the windows of an Amazon store in the background, then a person yells while filming “Down your phone.” Keep!” A cardboard police officer is then shown wearing a Klan hood being burnt in an effigy, while one carries a “Black Lives Matter” symbol nearby and others cheering loudly.

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A 7-Eleven film is being looted, the fire is burning and other shops are being looted for big-ticket, including an 85-inch Sony television.

The video, DN.Y., was out of order, according to House Judicial Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler. He said that he had not given enough information that he was going to play it and criticized it at length.

“I hope Mr. Jordan never complains about the length of my statement,” Nadler said after Jordan’s video was cut. “I am going to include the committee’s audiovisual policy in this hearing record. And note that the minority did not give the committee the 48-hour notice required for that policy.”

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Nadler then moved on to Berar’s opening statement.

As in recent months racially imposed protests in the custody of the Minneapolis Police Department following the death of George Floyd scorched the country, for which one officer was charged with murder and three others with baggage As was alleged, the Trump administration handled such protests under scrutiny. Democrats, including Nadler himself, challenged Barr on Tuesday over how his department has dealt with protests, many of which turned into violent riots, particularly outside a federal courtyard in Portland that has essentially been sacked for months. .

“[U]Reinforcing its leadership, the department has put Americans in danger and flooded federal law enforcement on the streets of American cities to force, against the will of the state and local leaders of those cities, to force and unconstitutionally suppress it, Violated their constitutional rights. His opening statements. In Portland in particular, the city banned its police from working with federal law enforcement.

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But Barr later responded to criticism of the use of federal law enforcement to protect Portland’s courtyard.

“Federal courts are under attack. When is it okay to burn a federal court?” Barr said.

He continued: “If someone walked down the street to Sundarman Court, then in that beautiful courtyard we are right at the bottom of the hill and started a fire, breaking windows and firing industrial-grade fireworks, kerosene. Throw balloons and start. The court catches fire, is it okay? Is it okay now? No, it’s the duty of American marshals to stop and defend the court and that’s what we’re doing in Portland. We’re in court , Defending the court. “

Fox News’ Ron Blitzer contributed to this report.

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