Jim Harbaugh hits Mark Dantonio on Twitter


Jim Harbaugh has called another coach through Twitter.

And this one lives nearby.

The Michigan soccer coach struck a Mark Dantonio on Michigan State football via Twitter on Monday afternoon.

"Saw Coach D comments that he continues to" focus "on how" he "can beat Michigan," wrote Harbaugh. "Congratulations for turning the team over 3-9, plagued by problems outside the field, good for BIG to have it back." On Sunday night, Michigan (8-4) was chosen to play in the Outback Bowl over state rival Michigan State (9-3).

The Spartans have a victory lead advantage against Michigan this season and Dantonio now has a 2-1 record against Harbaugh. Both victories of Dantonio on Harbaugh arrived at the Stadium of Michigan.

When asked about the bowl situation on Sunday, Dantonio pointed to the scoreboard.

"Well, I only see it as the opportunity to play in the Christmas Bowl at this time," Dantonio said. "You know, the records are what they are, I will continue to concentrate on beating Michigan, and things will be sorted out in some way."

Less than two hours after Harbaugh's initial tweet on Monday, Dantonio sent his reply.

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