Jim Carrey makes fun of Melania Trump in disputed political art: ‘Worst woman’

Jim Carrey shared a controversial piece of political art on Friday about former woman Melania Trump.

Cartoon-style depiction in front of a turquoise backdrop featuring a 50-year-old and smiling Trump, 50. On the right, the picture has a caption in pink letters that says, “Oh … and the worst woman. I understand that the settlement can finance your life in a shallow end. Thx for nothing.”

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Carrie did not share a caption of herself, sharing her tweet on Friday afternoon. However, till Sunday morning the post received more than 25,900 likes, 2,500 retweets and 371 quotes.

Many commentators called the 59-year-old comedian for his important position. Others expressed their frustration about Carrie’s thoughts as far as writing that the cartoon is “sexist,” “anti-female” and full of “hypocrisy” for someone who finds herself left-leaning Identifies as.

Jim makes Carrie Floats Theory through Trump, the first American to appear before the US Department

In recent weeks, Carrie has been sharing political cartoons about the former President Donald Trump And notable Capital rioter. Cartoons of Democrat political celebrities appear in a more positive light on their Twitter feeds, including the former US Rep. Stacey Abrams, The vice presidents are Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden..

In recent weeks, actor and comedian Jim Carrey has been sharing political cartoons on Twitter. (Richard Shotwell / Revision / AP)

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Before Carrie was making headlines for sharing political art, she guest starred in the 46th season of “Saturday Night Live” and played Biden from October to December.

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“Although my term was only 6 weeks, I was thrilled to be elected as your SNL president … Comedy’s highest call of duty,” Carrie Tweeted When he first announced his departure from the sketch comedy show. “I’d love to know that Biden was the winner because I caught that S — but I’m in a long queue of pride while fighting SNL Bidens!”

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