Jillian Michaels talks with COVID about her app, home fitness and personal battle

As some gyms around the country are trying to overcome the coronovirus shutdown, celebrity personal trainer and businesswoman Jillian Michaels has seen a boom in the at-home industry.

In an interview with FOX Business’ Liz Klayman, the 46-year-old health guru and media personality shared that her name brand – Jillian Michaels: The Fitness App – grew by 30 percent. Other businesses in which it invested depended on foot traffic such as supplements and coffee have not yet grown.


“So, it’s very attractive,” Michaels told Klaaman. “On the one hand, I am struggling with my businesses and trying to keep employees on board. Then with the home business, the Jillian Michaels brand, we have benefited indirectly from it because people are still afraid of going to the gym even when your area is open. ”

Michaels’ app provides 7-minute daily workouts as well as premium exercise programs, meal plans, and customization options. The full app for “regular memberships” is up to $ 14.99 per month while the more exclusive membership is $ 44.97 for three months or $ 179.88 for the year.


The app was originally released in January 2017 but as time went on, Michaels and his team developed their in-house fitness offerings in light of growing tech-focused exercise brands such as Tonel, Mirror and Peloton.

This commercial shift also corresponded with Michaels moving away from his gym-based BODYSHRED classes, who were taught in fitness facilities because they were “no longer financially viable.”

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Michaels stated that we have always done well at home fitness a year ago and decided to focus on the Jillian Michaels brand. “And we happened to get a very lucky type of closure to those other components of the business by 2020 without knowing clearly on the horizon.”

In terms of whether or not people should return to the gym at the age of coronovirus, Michaels said that people who are most afraid of respiratory disease should stay away for the moment.

“A public gym is probably where you’ll get it,” she shared.

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The famous instructor also told Klaaman that she had recently been infected with coronovirus, and blamed her for protecting herself.

“I am indeed a person who let my guard down. I haven’t really talked about this pub, and a very close friend of mine gave me COVID several weeks ago, “opened Misha. “I am lucky to have recovered and I was able to get it very quickly. But not everyone is as lucky as we know. ”

Michaels said that anyone who puts themselves in contact with another person who is not wearing a mask may be at risk of contraction of the coronavirus, even if it is only for an hour. It includes gyms.

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Fortunately, Michaels said that fancy pieces of equipment are not necessary for his programs.

In her own words, “You have your own body weight and you can use it a million different ways to get a better workout.”