Jillian Michaels ruins the rude & # 39; Andy Cohen for & # 39; Truly Hideous Experience & # 39; in & # 39; WWHL & # 39;

Jillian Michaels was opened this week on a "truly horrible experience" with the Bravo star Andy Cohen.

"We have not been friendly for years," Michaels said. US Weekly at the iHeartRadio Podcast Awards on Friday. "I did your show once and it was a really horrible experience."

The former star of "The Biggest Loser" said he expected to be "homobadual homies" with Cohen, but instead, he was "extremely rude, condescending and unprofessional" during their first meeting.

Michaels told the publication that she was "exhausted" while filming "Watch What Happens Live," while recovering from the stomach flu at that time. The personal trainer said that after pressing all day and Cohen's show, the Bravo star pulled out a shooting range, which included multiple shooting glbades on top of an alpine ski.

"So he was explaining [the shotski] for me, "recalled Michaels. And it was a little out of place and I nodded my head like, "Yes, I got it. So you drink the shot or whatever. He turns again over his shoulder, looks at me and says: "Do you understand?"

"And this was before the show started," he continued. "And it's live! So you can not leave … In the end, I said:" I have to tell you it was a really horrible experience, like in all the years that I've been doing this, nothing. " that's how it has ever happened. "

Cohen recently criticized Michaels, who referred to his beef as "a strange little mate", also in "WWHL".

"The Jackhole of the Day" tonight goes to Jillian Michaels, who criticized the keto diet as a horrible diet, "he said earlier this month. "Do not feel bad, keto diet … Many people think that Jillian Michaels is a bad idea."

In an exclusive US Weekly, take a look at the audio of "Skimm & # 39; d from the sofa" Podcast, Michaels clapped back and called Cohen a "jerk."

"Andy Cohen is not a good guy, and I've said it for many years," he said. "I had a very bad experience with him in his program … He's like, constantly looking for, like, a way to choose me … He does not make a keto, he does not believe in keto, he's just an badhole."

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