Jihon asks his parents to stay with Dwayne, this is too much for fans

TLC’s 90 days fiance Document couples who pursue an international love affair. But it is not always easy when your personal life is broadcast on TV. Fans of the show have a lot to say about how relationships are handled, and they don’t shy away from sharing their opinions. Jihoon and Diwan, featured on a duet 90 de Fiancee: The Other Way, It was revealed when viewers recently took to Twitter to discuss the fight between the two.

Jihoon Lee and Dewan Clegg | TLC

Jihoon and Diwan traveled a long distance

American Devon and her South Korean husband, Jihoon, first formed their long-distance love affair through the dating app. He spoke every day for three months and had an incredibly strong connection. Therefore, Jihoon planned a trip to Utah to meet Devon in person.

On their first night together, even though they relied on the translator app to communicate, the sparks flew. Girlfriends conceived a child. He came to know the happy news the very day Jiun was to return to South Korea. After taking six pregnancy tests to confirm the results, the couple began making plans for their future.

Jihoon and Diwan were married and welcomed their son Taeyang into the world. But this was not at all comfortable for the new family. Jihoon’s parents were not happy with the pace in which the relationship progressed, especially their quick pregnancies.

But eventually, he accepted Devon, and even welcomed her into his home. She moved to South Korea with her new child, and her daughter, Drascilla, from a previous relationship. Jihoon, Devon, and children are currently living in their parents’ home.

Jihoon and Diwan faced financial troubles in South Korea

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The new family has settled in South Korea, but not all is going according to plan. On the latest episode of 90 Day Fans: The Other Way, The audience tells Jihon his new bride to “just go back to America.”

After Diyun summons Jihon in front of her parents, the debate begins with her not having finances together. She accused him of lying about his financial situation before deciding to go to South Korea.

Deavan ended up staying in a hotel that night. But after calming their feelings, the couple met again to discuss the situation. Jihoon asks his parents to come along as well, hoping to convince Devon to stay in South Korea.

Jihoon asks his parents to let Divan live and that’s too much for the fans

Viewers could not believe the way Jihoon handled the situation, and the pressure he exerted on his parents. One fan wrote, “Jihoon is trying to get his parents to live in Dewan.” Twitter With Laughing Emoji.

In fact, Twitter was filled with fans who applaud Jihal’s father, believing that he had tried to do the right thing. One viewer said, “Jihoon’s father is far more moving than that.” Tweeted. “Jihoon’s father is the dearest and always tries to make Diavan feel welcome and comfortable. He is ethereal, “one more wrote.

But fans were not impressed with Jihoon’s mother. “His father is surprisingly warm and sweet. On the other hand her mother is funny, “a person responded to. “agreed!” Another fan wrote. “Maa aisi ab ** ch! And indeed it is so Jihoon!”

Jihoon’s mother attracted much hatred as she appeared to support her son’s immature actions, while the father recognized that Jihon should have headed for Dewan.

In the end, Deavan decides to give her husband another chance according to ET for the sake of her child. But she warned Jihoon, “Within a month, if you don’t change, I’ll go back to America and I’ll take the kids back with me,” she said.