Jets up 21-17 after falling 14 in the first quarter – ProFootballTalk –

Jets up 21-17 after falling 14 in the first quarter – ProFootballTalk


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Sunday's game against the Jets looks a lot like the Chiefs' season.

They started fast, but slowed down to allow the opposition to return to the race. The Jets finally went to the Chiefs, which is something that could happen in the AFC West if Kansas City can not recover in the second half of the game.

The Chiefs led 14-0 after two touchdown receptions by Travis Kelce early in the first quarter, but the Jets scored 14 straight to tie the game and then got a touchdown reception from Matt Forte with 23 seconds left at halftime to take a 21-17 lead at halftime. Officials reviewed Forte's score to make sure he broke the plane and confirmed the failure on the field, which is a welcome change for the Jets after several similar revisions have been negative this season.

Josh McCown has been cunning for the Jets while completing 14 of 17 pbades for 164 yards. He also ran for a touchdown and picked up another first attempt with agile agility. The start of cornerback Chiefs Darrelle Revis has been quiet out of a big puff of tackle attempt by wide receiver Robby Anderson a couple of plays before the Jets second touchdown of the day.

Alex Smith showed his own ability to rush in a 70-yard run, but the Chiefs could not keep moving into the end zone and had to settle for a Harrison Butker field goal.

Smith threw just 58 yards from those two scoring drives to open the game, however, and that pace will have to change if the Chiefs are going to find the winning end that evaded them in recent weeks.

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