Jets could have a problem with Deshaun Watson as impatience mounts

The Jets may be facing an enigma in a possible Deshaun Watson chase.

While at least one report has singled out the Jets as Watson’s preferred destination in a trade, the disgruntled Texans star quarterback reportedly knows that the number of draft picks they could give up to get him could be a double weapon. edge.

“… [Watson] he is aware that any trade with New York would limit the Jets’ ability to build a quality roster around them, ”The Athletic reported Thursday as part of a deep dive into how Watson’s time in Houston soured.

While Texans have insisted that they do not intend to trade Watson, despite his request, the Houston Chronicle previously reported that his selling price for him would be at least two first-round picks, two second-round picks and two young defensive starters.

The Jets have two first-round picks in each of the next two draws, including the No. 2 and No. 23 picks this April, but the package you might need to trade for Watson could certainly be expensive for a team coming from a 2-14 Season that is not packed with talent and has many gaps to fill.

Watson has a no-trade clause that could give him some voice as to where he will go when and if the Texans move forward with negotiations.

Meanwhile, Watson and his circle are still waiting for a trade as the NFL’s quarterback carousel continues to spin, with the Eagles’ trade of Carson Wentz to the Colts on Thursday as the latest deal to close.

“What is the criteria for a quarterback to request to be traded and then to be traded?” Quincy Avery, Watson’s quarterback personal trainer, tweeted shortly after Wentz fulfilled your informed business wish. “Asking for a friend.”


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