Jessica Watkins threatened to sue critics of far-right group after riot

In the days after Jessica Watkins stormed the Capitol Jan. 6 with her fellow Oath Keepers, prosecutors say, the loyalty of military veterans to the far-right paramilitary group only “calcified.”

The 38-year-old, who is accused of preparing and training for at least two months to “fight hand-to-hand” to take over the Capitol, was concerned about the optics of the Oath Keepers after the insurrection, and spoke of suing anyone. . “Class action style” that spoke out against the group.

“If you have something negative to say about us OATHKEEPERS, I will let you know so we can sue more. Class action style. Oath keepers are the shit, “Watkins wrote after a media report” portrayed his conduct and that of his fellow oath keepers … in a negative light, “according to a memo that prosecutors filed Tuesday in support of his arrest.

“They rescued policemen, WE saved lives and did everything right. At the end of the day, this guy better not test us. A lawsuit could even put cash in OK chests. He doesn’t know who he’s playing with. I will not tolerate defamation of character, myself or the Patriots we serve with in DC. Hooah ?! “she added.

Prosecutors believe that Watkin’s continued loyalty to the Oath Keepers and the “federal crime of terrorism” with which she has been charged justifies their request to keep her in custody pending trial.

During Tuesday’s detention hearing, US District Judge Amit P. Mehta remained skeptical of the government’s allegations that Watkins was a flight risk if he committed a “crime of violence.” He asked prosecutors for more information on whether the government’s property destruction charge qualifies as “a federal crime of terrorism.” The request delayed its decision on his arrest until Friday.

“These are issues that will not affect just Ms. Watkins, but potentially dozens and dozens of others to come,” Mehta said.


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