Jessica Simpson uses the cupping in the swollen foot in January 2019


Jessica Simpson has finally found some relief for her swollen foot. After the crowdsourcing resources of her fan base on social media, the 38-year-old mother, two years old, turned to an ancient Chinese practice to help alleviate the uncomfortable symptom of her third pregnancy.

Jessica shared a photo of her left foot and ankle on Instagram on January 10 and asked her followers for tips on how to treat the swelling. While swollen feet are common during pregnancy, they can be quite irritating. Jessica fans responded with a variety of solutions, and the singer eventually resorted to a therapy that many celebrities and athletes use to treat muscle pain: hollow out.

Scientific studies are still inconclusive about the benefits of cup drinking, but Jessica seemed to see results when she shared a photo of her "foxes", also known as thin ankles. She will put on those "boots made to walk" in a short time.

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