Jerry Jones withdraws from the threat of the NFL lawsuit over Roger Goodell Contract


  Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys team, is on the field during warm-up exercises before an NFL football game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, November 19, 2017 in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo / Ron Jenkins)

Ron Jenkins / Associated Press

The owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, chose not to sue the NFL after threatening to take legal action against the league due to the impending extension of the commissioner Roger Goodell contract. According to New York Times & # 39; Ken Belson, Jones sent a letter to the owner of the Atlanta Falcons, Arthur Blank who is the chairman of the league compensation committee – [19659004] on Tuesday reporting he says that " is withdrawing from my threat of litigation against the committee."

The decision comes after Jones played with the idea of ​​filing a lawsuit because he wanted all the owners and not just the six. on the compensation committee : have a voice regarding the terms of the Goodell contract extension.

Quoting the letter, Belson informed Jones he told Blank that he was withdrawing the threat now that the committee "I s is receiving valuable comments from various owners "

" I want to give an account, "Jones said USA Today [19659000] Jarrett Bell on Tuesday.

On Sunday, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that despite Jones 'best efforts, the new Goodell contract extension is expected to be finalized " on or before" the NFL owners' meetings at December. 13.

Bell confirmed that news after speaking with a landlord who was not on the compensation committee and said the agreement should be completed "early next week" .

Quoting a source, Schefter added that "Goodell's total potential compensation could average about $ 40 million for each year between 2019 and 2023, making it a five-year extension for a value of up to $ 200 million. "

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