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The NFL’s Compensation Committee has instructed Cowboys proprietor Jerry Jones (as soon as once more) to desert his effort to delay or derail the contract extension for Commissioner Roger Goodell. Jones clearly isn’t planning to do this.

In his newest look on 105.three The Fan in Dallas, Jones made it clear that he’s not backing down, and he stays badured that his efforts shall be profitable.

“I think that ultimately we will influence what I want to influence,” Jones mentioned.

So what does he hope to affect? Apparently, he’s hoping to affect the method of holding the Commissioner accountable, by increasing the pool of homeowners who’ve energy over his pay from six to 32.

“[T]he bottom line is he’s very powerful and you want to influence the Commissioner,” Jones mentioned. “There’s a big debate as to one of the biggest things a Commissioner does is resolve disputes. He resolves them between everybody. So there’s an argument that he should be autonomous from being accountable. That’s legitimate. . . . Well, the Commissioner covers the whole league, the business aspect of it, the basically discipline aspect of it, the rules, the officials. And, so, no one — no one — would like it if you had three or four owners that were paying the officials. No one would like that because it should be all the owners that pay the officials. But yet you want them to be independent. Well, all owners should be holding the Commissioner accountable in my view. That’s the gist of this thing.”

In different phrases, Jones doesn’t need Goodell to really feel beholden to only some homeowners. Goodell needs to be, in Jones’ opinion, beholden to all of them.

That’s not the way it will ever work, with or with out a Compensation Committee. In any group of 32 that strikes in unison now and again, some may have extra affect than others. And the Commissioner will know which homeowners have that affect, and the Commissioner will (if sensible) give attention to protecting the influential homeowners completely satisfied.

The presence of a Compensation Committee merely makes it simpler to identify the homeowners who maintain the knife that butters the Commissioner’s bread. Taking away the Compensation Committee, nevertheless, received’t take away the dynamic of some homeowners being able to rally badist for something and the whole lot regarding the Commissioner.

If that’s what Jones is hoping to do, it’s the primary time he has clearly articulated it that means. Whether it’s a tactic for persuading undecided homeowners to see issues his means or the primary part of an effort to stake our territory the place he finally might be able to declare victory stays to be seen.

Regardless, the difficulty isn’t over. And it apparently received’t be over, even after the Commissioner’s extension has been finalized. In many respects, the execution of the Commissioner’s contract could also be not the top of the dispute however solely the start.

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