Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Luxury Life Before Sex Scandal

Jerry Felwell Jr. spent a life full of jaundice in Miami on a private jet, touring the Bahamas and a $ 1 million salary – running Liberty University like a “dictatorship”.

Falwell, 58, portrayed himself as a Ghagh family man on Instagram, posting photo-perfect engagement photos of his daughter and riding horses on his huge farm in Sifax, Virginia.

Other snaps show the influential evangelical leader snorkeling in the Bahamas, dining with friends during a trip to Greece made possible by “good friends from the Middle East” and dressed up at a White House Christmas party.

In 2007, Felwell took over as president of Liberty University after the death of his father, the late famed televisionist Jerry Falwell Sr., who founded the ultra-Orthodox Christian School in Virginia in 1971.

He said he enjoyed nearly a $ 1 million salary and perks, including the university-chartered jet he used to fly to Miami for his annual physical – as required by the school’s board, Reuters reported last year.

Jerry Felwell Jr. crawling hog in the Bahamas.
Jerry Felwell Jr. crawling hog in the Bahamas.Instagram

Falwell’s personal trainer Benjamin Croswhite accompanied him on a physical in 2012 to “help explain Mr. Falwell’s diet and exercise program to doctors and help document the results,” the university said.

But Felwell has faced scrutiny over his relationship with Croswhite – according to Reuters, the then Chancellor personally approved real estate deals, benefitting Liberty alumni.

He also faced severe criticism over the university’s alleged self-dealing management.

“This is a dictatorship,” a high-level employee told POLITICO last year. “No one in the university felt pity without Jerry’s approval.”

One of the country’s most influential right-wing Christian leaders, Falwell resigned as president of Liberty on Monday, which allegedly included his wife, Becky, and his pool-boy lover, Giancarlo Rhinoceros.

The younger man, now 29 years old, claimed that he had sex with 53-year-old Becky for years beginning in 2012 and loved watching Falwell.

Felwell confirmed his wife’s “indiscretion”, but said it was brief and denied involvement.

She was on leave from university after posting a picture on her Instagram showing her jeans unzipped and her hands around a young pregnant woman.

He and Becky married in 1987 and have three children.

Falwell could reportedly earn $ 10.5 million from Liberty following his resignation – $ 2.5 million for two years of his salary, plus a lump sum payment of nearly $ 8 million as part of a contractual clause giving him full pay. If he resigned from restricted responsibilities, the Wall Street Journal reported.

“I did not break any rules – I have received my compensation,” he said in the paper on Monday night.


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