Jermaine Kearse announces her retirement

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Wide receiver Jermaine Currier has not been on an NFL field since breaking her leg in the Lions’ first press game last summer and she will not return to the field as a player at any point in the future.

Keers announced his retirement in an Instagram post on Tuesday morning. Keyers wrote that he felt that during his career “I am extremely grateful and satisfied with what I was able to achieve.” Those accomplishments included growing up in Washington, LA and winning a Super Bowl with the Seahawks after attending the University of Washington.

“As a child of Seattle, a hometown, it was an absolute honor to represent you guys in the area there,” Carsey wrote. “Thank you very much for your endless support in my football career. It was an honor to put on that Hawks’ uniform and I’m so grateful that we were able to help bring home our first Super Bowl! Something we will never forget. ”

After going uninterrupted in 2012, Keyers made the Seahawk and caught 153 yards and 11 touchdowns for 2,109 yards in 69 matches for the team. He also made 31 catches for 49ers and six touchdowns in 12 playoff games. One of those touchdowns came against the Packers in overtime of the NFC Championship Game to send the Seahawks to Super Bowl XLIX.

He moved on to the Jets in a 2017 trade that sent Sheldon Richardson a defensive offensive to the Seahawks. As a Jet, Cayers made 102 catches for 1,181 yards and six touchdowns in 30 matches.

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