Jerit Cole Approaches History as Yerrees Roll Phillies

Gerrit Cole was good but not wearing a Yankee pinstripe in his opening game. For the first time in six games, Aaron Judge did not hit a ball in a sea of ​​empty seats.

Still, Cole had enough to restrict Philippe to one run in six innings and Gio Urshella, DJ Lemahieu and Brett Gardner gave Homer the lead to lead the Yankees to a 6-3 victory at Yankee Stadium. This victory extended the rhythm of his victory to seven games and raised the best record in baseball to 8–1.

Cole won his 19th straight game, ranking sixth on the all-time list. Karl Hubel has 24 all-time markings in a row and Roy Face is second on 22. Phyllis starter Jake Arrieta is third in the 20 with Roger Clemens and Rub Marquard.

The judge singled and double and scored a run.

The Phillies played their first game since July 26 after hosting the Marlins, with many players infected with COVID-19 during a weekend series.

When Gardner advanced to the final by the sixth inning, the sky was flooded with rain and the game was halted for 1 hour 7 minutes. Brooks Criske replaced Cole for the seventh start.

Jerit cole
Jerit coleCharles Weinzberg / New York Post

In six innings, Cole gave up one run on Jay Bruce’s third inning homer, giving up five hits and striking out four. He won all three matches for the team he grew up with in Southern California, and two included rain. Cole’s Opening Day in Washington 5 ₃ /. After the innings.

Cole retired the first six filters but had at least one base runner in each of the next three frames.

Bruce, the No. 7 hitter, took the third to the right with his home run, followed by a single by Andrew McCutchen, which collided with Rice Hawkins.

The Yankees started the game with 17 Dodgers for a major league lead in homers and pushed to 19 early.

Lehmahoe and Gardner hit single homers from Arrieta in the first and third innings, respectively, and Urshela, who made several excellent plays in the third and started a rally by playing 5-4-3 double to finish fourth, Deolis Guerra was beaten 6–1 by Homer in the sixth, winning by three runs.

Arrieta made three runs and seven hits in five innings in his first start of the year.

Criske injected a dose of tension in the evening with the first two batsmen walking after playing. When Criske gave RBI a single-out to number-9 hitter Adam Hasili, he was replaced by Chad Green, 6-2 on the first and second rung, one out after another, and en route to the Phillies lineup Top most .

Greene put the runner up one base with a wild pitch before McCutchen was dismissed with a breaking ball. Green outscored Hawkins, taking an 0–2 lead and dismissing him on an off-speed pitch in the dirt with Bryce Harper on deck. Seven of Green’s eight pitches were attacked.

The Phillies reduced the deficit to 6-3 in the eighth against Lefty Louis Avillon. Zack Britton recorded the last three outs to save his fourth in several occasions.

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