Jeremy Piven suggests that they are curtains for his CBS crime drama


CBS does not say that Jeremy Piven's first year series "Wisdom of the Crowd" is canceled, but the actor apparently sees it that way.

After the network said on Monday it would not expand its initial episode order for the crime drama, but refused to address its future, Piven responded with a bittersweet tweet.

"Proud of the work we did and we will finish our 13 episodes with full hearts!" Piven wrote on his Twitter account and added: "Thanks for all the love, I will miss him too".

The tweets were confirmed by a spokeswoman, who declined to comment further.

The network's decision follows accusations of badual misconduct leveled by several women against Piven, who has denied them. CBS said earlier that it is investigating the claims, but did not issue further statements.

Piven stars in the series as a tech guru who creates a crowd-sourcing application to help solve crimes, including the death of his daughter. CBS plans to broadcast the rest of the 13 episodes.

"Wisdom of the Crowd" scored mediocre, but CBS did not comment on why it was not ordering a full season, typically around 20 episodes.

Meanwhile, the network announced on Monday that it was ordering additional episodes of two sitcoms, "Man With a Plan" by Matt LeBlanc and "Superior Donuts."

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