Jeremy Piven Denies Third Woman’s Sexual Assault Claim


Jeremy Piven

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Jeremy Piven is being accused of badual badault by a 3rd girl.

Tiffany Bacon Scourby, an promoting government, has shared allegations with People, claiming that the actor badually badaulted her again in 2003. Piven denies the claims by Scourby, telling the publication in a press release, “Let me be absolutely clear, this simply did not happen. I would never force myself on a woman, ever. I cannot speak as to why a person would create a story like this.”

In her claims, Scourby alleges that she met Piven whereas at a membership in New York City in October 2003. Scourby was on the town for a piece occasion and says that Piven was “very nice” to her after they met.

“He talked about he was going to [tape an appearance on] Late Night with Conan O’Brien the following day and gave me his quantity and requested me to go together with him as his visitor,” Scourby claims, including that she met him at his lodge, the Trump International Hotel & Tower the following morning.

She then alleges that she and Piven had been speaking on a sofa in his lodge room when “he jumped on top of me. I tried to push him off and he forced me to the ground.” Scourby then alleges that Piven uncovered his bads and rubbed them in opposition to her. She additionally claims that throughout the alleged encounter, throughout which she remained clothed, Piven held her palms down and ejaculated on her turtleneck.

Scourby claims that she pushed Piven off of her and left to go again to her lodge.

In addition to Piven’s denial of Scourby’s accusations, the actor’s rep tells People that if Piven had been to take a polygraph check it “would have clearly proven this allegation to be entirely fabricated, a complete lie. He’s now looking at legal options.”

Scourby’s allegations have surfaced one week after Piven denied badual badault allegations from actress Ariane Bellamar. A second girl, actress Cbadidy Freeman, additionally posted allegations in opposition to Piven on social media final week in response to his denial of Bellamar’s badual badault claims.

“@jeremypiven You will deny this because, sadly, she’s deniable,” Freeman’s Instagram publish started. “The backlash this woman received was horrendous. And whether or not her accusations are true, the TRUTH is I know you. I know what you did and attempted to do to me when I was far too young. THAT I know. And you know it too. Unless there were so many of us, that you can’t remember. Predatory behavior is a chronic way for you to seek power. Do you feel powerful? With your lawyers and your networks and your die hard man-fans who call your victims bimbos? Or do you know, in your rotten gut, that you will have to lie for the rest of your life? I hope from now on, you keep it in your pants and you never get to do it again.”

E! News has reached out to Scourby and Piven for remark.

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