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Jeremy Clarkson to swap supercars for tractors in new show ‘I Bought A Farm’ – News


He is best known for his love of fast cars, and apparently has little concern for the environment. Jeremy Clarkson, however, will switch turbo-cars for tractors to shoot a series of farms for Amazon.

The former host of Top Gear, 59, is now so environmentally conscious that he wants to share a vision of "warts and all" at his 1,000-acre Chipping Norton farm, I Bought A Farm.

While he continues to lead the broadcasting program The Grand Tour, Clarkson will record the first episodes of the agriculture program in September. It will air next year.

He said it will be much more forceful than the BBC Countryfile and other nature programs.

"This is not Kate Humble, as much as I like Kate Humble, with 20 acres, bottle feeding a lamb." Or a television host who grows vegetables in his backyard. This is real agriculture: life, death and the filling of forms, "he told the Sunday Times.

"We're not doing Countryfile, we'll show it warts and everything, for example, I do not have any opinion about badger selection as to whether it's necessary, but if it's happening, we will not be afraid to include it in the program."

It seems that his main concern is the shortage of food. "Scientists estimate that we are only 90 years old before we run out of food, due to soil depletion, that's just 90 more harvests," he said.

Clarkson recently claimed that the Oxfordshire farm had made him "carbon neutral" because he consumes more carbon dioxide through photosynthesis than he has generated on the race track.

He and his partner Lisa Hogan, 47, spend much of their time at the cottage and plan to build a larger house on the site.

In addition to growing wheat, barley and rapeseed oil, Clarkson has created new habitats by replanting and clearing streams and lagoons.

Although he once described himself as a "passionate carnivore", it seems that Clarkson has now abandoned red meat and is moving toward a vegetarian diet. "I eat chicken," he said. "But that's just a vegetable with a head."

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