Jeremy Bulloch, ‘Star Wars’ original Boba Fate actor, dead at 75

“Star Wars” actor Jeremy Bulloch died on Thursday. He was 75.

The actor played the terrifying hunter Boba Fate in the franchise’s “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi”.

According to a statement by his representatives, the star died in a hospital in London due to health complications after battling Parkinson’s.

In the “Star Wars” films, Boba Fate was known as the villain who was saved by Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker before Harrison Ford captured Han Solo.

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Boba Fate had only a few – though significant – screen time between the two films. He spoke just four lines of dialogue that were performed by another actor.

But Boba Fate quickly became a cult favorite and emerged as one of the most loved personalities in the “Star Wars” galaxy, inspiring characters and storylines in other “Star Wars” properties that featured on Disney + Se is “The Mandalorian”, where Boba is near Fate. Recently aired again.

English actor Jeremy Bulloch has died at the age of 75. (Photo by John Phillips / Getty Image)

The franchise’s cast spoke after the death of their co-star.

“Today we lost the best bounty hunter in the galaxy,” Billy D. Williams, whose Landau Calrissian films appeared in important scenes with Bulo, Said on twitter.

Mark Hamill added: “Jeremy Bulloch was the quintessential English gentleman. An outstanding actor, delightful company and everyone lucky enough to meet or work with him. I will miss him deeply and am very grateful to know him.”

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Boba Fett was not his only role in the “Star Wars” films, however.

Without a mysterious mask, he played the role of Lieutenant Sectil in “The Empire Strikes Back” and Captain Jeremoche Colton in “Revenge of the Sith”.

Jeremy Bulloch was known for playing the role of Boba Fate in the 'Star Wars' films.  (Photo by John Phillips / Getty Image)

Jeremy Bulloch was known for playing the role of Boba Fate in the ‘Star Wars’ films. (Photo by John Phillips / Getty Image)

Buloch was the first of four actors to play the role in one form or another. Jason Wingerin voiced the original trilogy. Temura Morrison, who played Boba Fate’s father Jango Fate in the 2002s, “Halla Machata,” pretends to be aging, devastated Boba Fate in season two of “The Mandalorian”. And Daniel Logan played Bobo Fate as a boy in “Attack of the Clones”.

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Outside of iconic sci-fi films, he also appeared in a pair of James Bond films, 1981’s “For Your Eyes” and 1983’s “Octopussy”.

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The actor claims over 100 credits, including the British television shows “Dr. Who,” “Crown Court” and “Sloggers”.

Sitara is survived by his wife Maureen and their three sons.

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