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British actor Jeremy Bulloch, originally known for his appearances in Star Wars Triology as Mandalorian warrior and bounty hunter Boba Fate, died on Thursday.

The news was confirmed by a post on Bulloch’s Facebook page – which is private – and also by Daniel Logan, who was playing the former actor’s role Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones.

In an All Caps Instagram post, Logan thanked Bulloch for teaching him the ropes and continued, “I’ll love you forever !!” [sic] Means habit [sic] He may be with you even without you.

Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, later tweeted his tribute, calling Buloch “a good actor” and “a quintessential English gentleman”.

Bullough wore Boba Phet’s armor in both the Empire Strikes Back And Return of the Jedi, Although the character was voiced by Jason Vingerin. The character is best known for expressing Han Solo – who engages in carbonate – to Jeba the Hut. Interestingly, before the fame of the movie, Bobba Fett first made his appearance on the small screen in 1978. Star wars holiday special.

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According to the 2016 Vanity Fair Peace, Buloch had another small role the Empire Strikes Back Later identified as Lieutenant Sachil – as an Imperial officer. When he warns Luke Skywalker of Vader’s trap in Cloud City, it is Cecil who captures Leya. There was no one available to play the part, so Buloch went to the cupboard and changed into “The Imperial Officer’s Outfit”. This is his only non-masked appearance in the original Star Wars trilogy.

According to IMDb, Bulloch also appeared in another role, playing Captain Colton. Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of Reith. His half-brother Robert Watts is an Associate Producer the Empire Strikes Back.

Here’s a post from Bullough’s Facebook page:

Jeremy died peacefully on 17 December 2020, following health complications, including living with Parkinson’s disease for several years. He spent his last week under the wonderful care of the staff of St. George’s Hospital in Totting, where he and his wife Maureen lived together for more than fifty years. Maureen and her two sons, Jamie and Robbie, accompanied her in her final days. Jeremy had a long and happy life as an actor and was best known for his roles in films Summer Holiday, Star Wars and James Bond; TV series Newcomer, Doctor Who, Agony and Robin of Sherwood, and several West End theater productions. Away from the screen, Jeremy was a talented footballer and cricketer. She also supported many charities including Great Ormond Street Hospital which saved her granddaughter’s life. He was devoted to his wife, three sons and ten grandchildren, all of whom love him dearly and will miss him dearly.

Boba Phet was always a fan and favorite Mandalorian A certified hit on Disney +, the character’s stature has only increased. In fact, Fate made an appearance on the show earlier this month as Tiumera Morrison, the actor who previously played Boba Fate’s father Jango in the prequel film “Episode II – Clone Attack. Gengo’s DNA provided a blueprint for the Republic’s clone army as well as Boba’s in that film.

Bullough began acting at the age of 12 and during his career, crossed paths with many of his Star Wars peers in other projects. After appearing on television, Bulloch was placed opposite the future Count Dooku, Christopher Lee. Devil’s agent. In the early 1970s, Bulloch, Darth Vader actors David Pruess and John Hallis, who would later play Lando Calrissian’s collaborator Lobot, all had portions in the Doctor Who serial.

Bulloch had several minor roles in another great screen franchise: James Bond. He starred as assistant smithers to Quartermaster Q in both for your Eyes Only And Octopussy. In The spy who loved me, Bullough played the role of a crewman on HMS Ranger.

The actor was a mainstay at the Star Wars conventions. When he retired from fan shows in 2018, Bullough issued the following statement:

Dear friends

It is with a heavy mind that I have decided to stop going to conferences and hang the fret helmet. This has not been an easy decision. In 1979 I was called to the set Empire Strikes Back To play Boba Phet, and since that day it has changed the whole direction of my life in such a great way. It has been a privilege to have had the opportunity to inspire many generations of Star Wars fans. It’s been 20 years since i traveled [sic] With my wife Maureen in some amazing countries and met so many amazing fans. Thank you very much and we will miss you all.

‘May the Force be with you always’

– Jeremy

Ironically – or perhaps justifiably – a behind-the-scenes look is posted from the official Star Wars Twitter account The empire This week in 1980 (in May) to mark the 40th anniversary of the film’s release. Bullough – as Boba Phet – briefly appears in the footage.

The official Star Wars Twitter page later posted his tribute to Bullough.

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