Jenny Bush credits LeBron James for leading the Lakers after Connie Bryant’s death: ‘He’s a leader, he’s fearless’

Jeanie Bush had known Kobe Bryant for over 25 years. He hired his former agent and close friend, Rob Pelinka, to run the Los Angeles Lakers. The two were close as a player and the team’s owners may be in the modern NBA, but when Bush and Pelinka finally managed to convert the Lakers into a champion, Bryant was not one to enjoy it. His death in a helicopter crash in January shook the NBA to its core, and fans of the Lakers are still mourning his loss nearly a year later.

Buss spoke at length about his relationship with Bryant in an interview on the CBS Sports Network, describing how proud he was of the Lakers, not only for playing through their grief but for everything else they had to offer. Had to endure on the way to their 2020 championship. He credits LeBron James’ leadership with helping the Lakers make it through the season.

“The way the team came together, they put their shoulders on a fanbase that was heartbroken, and they, led by LeBron James, who, I didn’t really know LeBron until He had not become a lacquer. And was watching him, especially in it. A time of crisis, not only in the loss of Kobe, but also during an epidemic and the social unrest that we experienced this summer, He is a leader, he is fearless, he has just taught me for example that you do not accept anything less than your honor. He also said in his speech, ‘I want my respect.’

He is a rest for the Laker Nation and led this team, not to go to the playoffs for a year before winning the championship, so it’s mind-blowing, and to do so in a bubble under challenging circumstances , The team was separated from their home, their families, for more than 90 days when they were sacrificed to play in the bubble, and to stand as the final team, it truly reflected their intimacy. People said, ‘Oh, how did you all get behind Kobe’ and all that, and I go ‘Do you really think this was a plan?’ It was completely organic, when Anthony Davis hit that game-winning shot during the playoffs and just shouted Kobe’s name, a camel from his heart, that biological, it’s real. And that’s what Kobe meant not just to this organization, but to each of these people who wanted to honor his memory, and he did an amazing job, inspiring an admirer base that was heartbroken. “

His relationship was as personal as Bryant’s, though professional. When his father, former Lakers owner Jerry Bush, died in 2013, Bryant saw how much he struggled to cope with that loss. In a gesture, he not only managed to help his friend, but set an example for his daughter.

“After my father’s death, like the organization, we had lost our leader, and things were not good for us, and Kobe, being the person that he is the friend he is, the mentor he is, Invited me to lunch, because he knew I was struggling. When I showed up for lunch, he brought Gianna with me, and she said ‘I brought Gianna with me because I Wanted to see a strong woman, and what a businessman can be, and what you stand for. And that means a lot to me, it touched my heart, and it seemed that she Is doing for Xianna, but I really believe that he was doing it for me, which can remind me. Be in this business world and I was in the NBA. He’s such a great motivator and friend and caretaker Person, and he would never fill the void. “

No matter how competitive Bryant was on the court, he still managed to support those people without any support. He, more than anything, makes his loss devastating to the Lakers.

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