Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Are Their Kids’ Stylists


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In the new issue of Vanity Fair, Alex Rodriguez revealed the secret to his happy, easy-going relationship with Jennifer Lopez is all thanks to the fact that they’re “very much twins.” He says there are about 20 examples of all the ways they’re alike, but for starters, they’re both Leos, both Latino and both from New York. But we think their greatest bond of all is their secret styling abilities.

In a video accompanying the article, Rodriguez revealed that his secret talent is picking out outfits for his two daughters, Natasha, 12, and Ella, 9. “I think my hidden talent is to dress my girls,” he said. “I love to take them shopping; I’m a secret stylist.”

And Lopez agreed: “Oh that’s true, you’re a secret stylist.”

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But just last night, the singer/actress revealed that she has a pretty impressive style talent of her own — doing expert Halloween makeup. She shared sweet snaps on Instagram getting her 9-year-old daughter, Emme, ready for trick-or-treating, writing “Mamá makeup duties..”

She transformed her daughter into a “pretty lil fox” thanks to her precise makeup work and shared a snap of her son, Max, dressed up as Baymax in a superhero costume. 

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The power couple have been merging their families together, revealing in their new interview that there are photos of their children together as one family all around the house.

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Earlier this year, Rodriguez said there’s no better role model for his daughters than Lopez. He told Extra. “My daughters, they look up to [her], being a Latina woman in this country, doing the things she has done and the way she pays it forward. If it doesn’t help socially, she is not interested. I can’t even keep up with her jobs. She’s Superwoman, and my daughters, the way they look at her, she has been a great..for them.”

What do you think of their styling abilities?

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