Jennifer Lawrence talks about Republican past, upbringing

Did not vote Obama for the first time.
Photo: Nielsen Bernard / Getty Images

We will not be traumatized and mistrusted by the news that Jennifer Lawrence admitted to being a Republican until Trump took over the party. It would take a Jennifer Lawrence level actor to take her out of “surprise”. In the October 21 episode of no at all The podcast, Lawrence, told host Heather McMahon that she “grew up a Republican. The first time I voted, I voted for John McCain. I was a little Republican.” Lawrence said that “when Donald Trump was elected, just Everything changed, “and she stepped away from the party, which she said she never aligned with her social beliefs, even though she could see fiscal benefits. We knew, J.L.Y. Are: J. Rall grew up in Kentucky, in a dark red state. She was a horse girl. Her “Pizza!” Personality, Lawrence, exclaimed the huge wine mom energy often seen among women for Trump’s crowd She also said that she turned Phantom thread After three minutes, that suggests GOP-esque disdain for art, beauty, nuance, and the human experience. We are glad that Lawrence no longer considers herself a Republican and can speak openly about her past. After all, there is a YA-ified way of calling “katnis” as “karen”.

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