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Jennifer Lawrence returns to the X-Men series

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It turns out that having the whole body painted blue sucks. After X-Men: Apocalypse Jennifer Lawrence seemed more than a little tepid about returning to the franchise as Mystique. The actress' agreement expired with the delivery of the 2016 mutant and, frankly, he was tired of being blue. "I love these movies, it's just painting," Lawrence told EW on the set of Apocalypse in 2015. "I was 20 years old [whentheyplayed First Class ] and I did not care about them. fumes and toxins, and now I'm almost 25 years old and I'm like, "I can not even pronounce this and it's going through my nose, am I breathing that?"

But Lawrence could not reject the good friend and writer / producer of franchises Simon Kinberg. When Kinberg expressed interest in directing Dark Phoenix Lawrence was one of his greatest champions and could not be part of the project.

"I fell in love a little," says Lawrence. "Because when I tried to convince Simon to direct, he said something like," If I direct him, you have to do it, "and I was like," Of course! Duh! " # 39; Then I was offered the movie, and I thought: "My God!" But he adds: "It was also the fan base, the other reason was for the fans."

And Kinberg's script and direction in Phoenix gave Lawrence his most satisfying turn as the shapeshifter to date. Says the actress: "As far as acting, it was the best experience I had [on these films]he has been writing these characters for a long time and he knows them very deeply, and suddenly I felt more connected to my character than ever before" .

In addition, the shooting was quiet and fun, something that is not always the case with the X-Men movies. "It was unrecognizable," admits Lawrence. "Everything was on time, everything was organized, these movies have always been fun in the midst of chaos, and now they were fun with not chaos."

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