Jennifer Garner responded to the troll who asked if she was pregnant

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So, everyone knows Jennifer Garner. He is one of the best actors ever and I feel like someone who wants to adopt me.

Being a lead actor, Jennifer is also a legend when it comes to posting farm material on Instagram.

Like, she’s really adorable.

Well, Jennifer posted this nutritious video of her family’s farm on Friday, in which she introduced nearly 10 million followers of her cows – Simone, Pete, Boaz, Pigunt, Mistletoe and Maple.

In the video, Jennifer is wearing overalls. like Yes. Imagine this hard assassination in OVERALLS – I can’t be OO.

The Oscar winners loved it:

Yet someone really had the nerve to ask this body shaking question:

Fortunately, Jennifer received the best response.

“I’m 48 years old, have three healthy children, and won’t – never – be pregnant,” Jennifer said. “We can put that Cooper to rest. Have I gotten Kovid 19? Possibly, but that’s another story.”

Ugh, I like his intelligence and ability to clap in the best way.

STILL – People are not required to comment / criticize / speculate on Jennifer or anyone’s body. Thank you!

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